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  1. I've been a fan of you for years man, keep doing what you do. I can relate to these in so many ways and I love it. The nostalgia is unreal.
  2. Dempsey and Altidore weren't involved enough. They never seem to have any chemistry either.. Like they consistently try and pull off give and go's and just fuck em up.. For how much they play with each other on the national team I don't know how they play so poorly together. Altidore disappointed me per usual, and Dempsey had a huge fuck up where he should he dished the balled off and instead ran straight into a defender and lost the ball. Very tough loss. Wood needs to get the call up more often. The dude makes a difference. Mexico just moves the ball so well.. and that last goal though...
  3. I've never really been one to hook up with people. I don't really get intimate like that with people unless I really really care about them. The shortest relationship I've been in was like 10 months. I'm a junior. But thank you, the last part was actually some really simple and good advice.
  4. Damn man, that's some shit. I'm sorry. I can't say I've experienced something like that, but trying to move on has always helped me. Just give it time. There's other fish in the sea.
  5. Easier said than done my man. She's awesome. Not sure if you saw my post from earlier, but this girl is my friends sister, and he doesn't know yet.. I haven't told him yet because I wanted to be able to go to him with more than, "hey man, I've been fucking your sister for a while and yeah". I think he'd rather hear that we are both really into each other and are going to date than hearing about the situation we're currently in. But I really don't like him not knowing. I would tell him now if I knew the best way to do it.
  6. I'm thinking more along the lines of be with her, or not associate with her any longer. It's gone too far to be fwb with her. We've caught the feels.
  7. We're together a lot. We go out together too. She has told me, and her roommate confirmed that when she's not in class or with her roommate, she's pretty much with me.
  8. She doesn't have other dudes lined up. I'm trying to control myself by not hanging out with her as much as I would like to, or she would like me to. Haven't said that I love her. But it's pretty clear that we're both in the process. So..
  9. So this girl is really into me guys. But she's a freshman in college and doesn't want a boyfriend. What do I do. I'm not trying to wait. We both really like each other. We're defeinitely in the process of falling in love. It's comin. The L word is comin. Help me out. In class right now so this is very brief, but if you need any more info, just ask.
  10. Yeah, this is a gnarly claim. I'm interested to read more. Sounds hilarious
  11. Yeah I don't go rawdog unless I've been in a relationship with a girl for a long time and I trust her. But STD's is the thing to worry about. I think a lot of people don't realize how hard it is to actually have a kid. The real issue is the fact that girls can do it without a condom one time and then they can literally scare themselves into being late on their period. It's a thing. She's not gonna be pregnant. I think she was just really drunk and really wanted the D. She's not a hoe, but you probably shouldn't fuck with her again anyway. On scents: I use some after shave in a Hummer bottle thing. Idk man, I like it. My girl says it smells like pine cones (in a good way). Lasts about 8 hours I'd say.
  12. Yeah Destroya. Usually a rule of thumb of mine is to not go raw dog unless you're really with the person. But hey man, you do you. Or her... And Sexorcist, I agree man. I don't like it. I want to tell him. I just think it needs to wait for now.
  13. So last night I hung out with my friend and his sister (look back a couple posts if you don't know what's up)together for the first time, other than one intramural soccer game. He had two other friends over at his house from his hometown, so they knew his sister very well, and then I was there. She had told me beforehand that she wasn't going to talk much once I got there, which if you ask me, may raise an eyebrow. I ended up driving her back to her dorm, but of course, I had to act like we weren't texting about it for a couple minutes before I stood up to leave. She had to ask her brother if she could borrow his bike so she could get back to her dorm, and I offered to drive her like a nice guy who's just doing a nice thing. It was kinda weird. He's very nosy. Like you're hanging out with him and if you leave he has to know why you're leaving and it has to be a good enough excuse. idk man.
  14. I know right. It's definitely making my life a little more interesting haha. But I agree. I want it to strengthen both the friendship and relationship if I can. Her birthday is Monday, I'm thinking I might tell him either on that day (we might be making dinner for her and all her friends at his house off campus), or a little after.
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