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  1. Just wondering how many people in Utah play Halo competitively. Hit me up if u wanna play! GT:Bionic Cell
  2. The switch is going to sell very well 100% because of Zelda releasing along side with it. If there's a new smash or some other very popular games that release within a few months of its release it will probably sell more in 6 months than the wii u did its entire lifespan. That and the idea around the switch is awesome, just imagine how easy it will be to wreck your friends in a game they think they're better at :glasses:
  3. yeah I know, I'm also pretty sure the TI has a little more cuda cores, but still, they are almost the same performance wise.
  4. same thing happens to me and I have a GTX 650. The minimum requirement is a GTX 650 TI...
  5. This needs to happen. I was solo queuing today and ended up matching E6
  6. yeah I know, but the minimum requirement for the GPU is the 650 TI
  7. well, I can't even run H5 forge on my computer. It keeps saying I don't have the recommended settings and doesn't launch the game... I have a GTX 650, which is only a little bit worse than the TI, and I can't launch the game? GG
  8. I wonder how low the population is at this time. I can't find any games in slayer at all
  9. I would consider removing the lifts, and replacing them with teleporters.
  10. Since when was the white cell forge map added to slayer?
  11. he got rocket guy with shotty, picked it up , and got a 2 for 1 rocket kill for the triple
  12. dood I'll team with u if you guys learn how to play team arena LOL Kappa
  13. I'm looking for a team as well, I'm down to run games - GT: Bionic Cell I'm a 2100 in arena
  14. Microsoft's conference was basically just telling you to buy a gaming PC instead of a console.
  15. i'm not sure if anyone posted this already, but on torque, you can use the gravity hammer to do some nifty jumps. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Bionic%20Cell/video/15282668
  16. i'm pretty sure I remember bravo saying that the new map isn't a remix.
  17. when the aiming update came out I played on 10/5 for a month. Then I tried lower sensitivities and now i'm swapping between 7/1 7/5 and 10/5. When my aim is off I go up to 10/5 for a few games and then go back down to 7/1 or 7/5. (currently im on 7/1) I just can't find the perfect sense in this game
  18. I'd recommend the VX238 ASUS monitor, I have it and its amazing. 1ms response time, 2 HDMI ports and all that
  19. so I got done trying to play some "casual halo" on the doubles playlist, but I get matched up against high onyxes every game. It didn't help that the breakout maps plus H2 BR are complete trash. EDIT: H2 BR isn't trash, its just really awkward to use. rant over.
  20. I liked the clips, but do what hecz said and put halo 5 in the title! I think it might help a bit.
  21. yeah man, team skins would be awesome, but What 343i really need to do is get community made skins and put them into the game.
  22. looking for 2 people that listen to callouts, work as a team, want to improve, and think positively to team with! Currently the team consists of Bionic Cell, and PaToXiDe. We aren't going to any LAN's until we place in the GB ladders, or do good in online tournaments. we usually play around 6pm - 12pm MST just message one of us if you wanna run games!
  23. the thing with the scattershot is that you need to have the reticle 100% on them to get the consistent 1 shot kills.

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