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  1. Same i used to watch this all the time but now it's just i don't even care for it. It's not entertaining watching this game.
  2. Honestly, is it even worth it to even follow anymore?? No major sponsors follow it to a serious extent other than the prize pool. Players feel like it's a chore to play the game now, No KOTH, no Oddball, No extraction, and no fun gametypes in general. Strongholds is a garbage gametype on the small maps they try to force play.and it doesn't really show who's the better team. Most of strongholds is lobbing nades in middle hopping it generates to a kill. Like everything is wrong with this game. I hope 343 actually listens to the community needs in the next game because they royally fucked up this one. It took them 2 years to even try to reevaluate their decisions. Halo is a AAA game franchise but it takes community feedback and development intuition for it to prosper. You had a solid game of Halo 5 at first but you waited to late to listen to the community which killed it. 343 ignored the input for the longest time. Hopefully Halo 6 after you're 3rd attempt you would actually listen to the community and not demise again like you've been doing, Edit: Actually i don't even think 343 can build out of the ditch they dug from MCC and halo 5. It'll take some serious pro input and massive testing with them to output a game the community would actually want.
  3. Can i get an update on whats happening?? Edit: I think Ace, Spartan, el Town, and Heinz would be a good team
  4. Who would be the best team if teams would be constricted to state wise starting from h3?? Just something i randomly thought of.
  5. BestMan, Neighbor, Walshy, ElamiteWarrior the list can go on if its about pre hcs territory like he said
  6. Sooo DemonD, NocturnalKernal, Brake, Sick Story,Ghandi, Dersky, Strongside, and Elumnite get them then? There's more
  7. @@Arkanum Why did they take away the pro title from Randa but not from you, Prototype, or Aries??
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