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  1. Honestly I feel as though most of the competitive maps play fine (coming from someone who only plays TS), its just aesthetically they all look/feel the same. I feel like I'm in the same environment in so many maps, it just gets boring to look at after awhile. Don't even get me started about the DLC maps, I know they are free but they literally copy pasted elements from maps to the new ones (plaza yellow area to overgrowth) (fathom flag areas to riptide). If we look back at halo 3, the map pool may not have been as deep but at least we got variety. Heretic, Pit, Guardian, and Construct were all beautiful and unique.
  2. Hey all! So I'm sitting here at work just kicking around ideas in my head and I came up with something interesting. Considering that halo doesn't have a TON of video content surrounding it, I figured there should be some sort of initiative towards building a larger community of content creators One of my favorite hobbies is to edit/make videos and I've always considered the idea of making a montage, but I'm no where near skilled enough to get the clips necessary to make one. On top of I don't own a capture card, so obtaining footage has always been super difficult (at least not now-a-days but quality is still an issue) So here's where I come to you guys, how many of you would be willing to post your clips/funny things to a community drive that's freely available for anyone that wants to make edits/produce content? This could be a community push to showcase the players and the editors to really bring those with potential out of the wood working. I'll edit this when I get home and see what everyone thinks! Cheers, ToothlessOneder
  3. I think you have to consider the time when Formal rose to fame. He came about during a time where there was no new "superstar slayer" in the game. It was just instinct destroying pretty well established names at the time. Suddenly he comes out of nowhere and by himself dismantles instinct (Countdown Slayer, I'll never forget the tears I shed as an instinct fan). That alone probably drew a lot of attention to him. He rode the Halo Reach hype train similar to Ninja and lethul. Does he get more attention than he deserves in halo? Arguably. But does it make sense that he has so much hype behind him? I'd like to think so.
  4. Woah, I just realized I can't :flames: but when you quote me it shows up :0. On topic, --> Super pumped for the pro league, COD is pretty boring to spectate and just isn't as fun to spectate as quality halo --> Ready to see the return of the Wizard. I've missed ola, although frosty has been getting my juices flowing a similar way.
  5. Man, the entertainment on this forum is truly BEYOND :flames: :flames:
  6. Honestly with Xgames coming up and Hecz's new video it makes me sad that Naded doesn't produce content anymore. I know hes trying to focus with his team and bring home the 2mil but I think hes missing a very big opportunity in the long term. Especially seeing how much popularity he was gaining before he quit.

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