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  1. Customs aren't boring if you get a full party of your friends and have somewhat similar skill. Getting everybody one on at once to run full customs on the other hand....
  2. MCC is probably the last money 343 get from me tbh. Like this patch should be top priority. It shouldn't be pushed back for anything... all it means is that it isn't ready, not that theyre adding more stuff. I was gonna buy H5 just as a thank you, but i'll probably pass now.
  3. Confused.... so its just a new change for the sake of change animation that makes us feel like we're in an earthquake every time we fire our gun?
  4. yes they will LISTEN. doesn't mean they'll actually do anything to rectify the problem. See that's where they get ya!
  5. yep going to be the same as Halo 4. "We will listen to community feedback, we hear your guys concerns and we understand" *continues to break formula further*
  6. you won't even get "de-scoped" when your'e in an ADS battle so yes it is very different.
  7. does 343 even know Counter Strike exists lol???
  8. scope in =/= ADS sorry to break the news.
  9. I've been using skype lately but I kind of want to go into game shat for old times sake. Skype is so crystal clear though.....
  10. I mean disappointing, but not shocking in the least tbfh....
  11. errr, problem is even if we don't want to play it, it will still effect us because H3 was lumped into team hardcore.
  12. Hit detection still looks like garbage in MP. Why did H3 go untouched but CE didnt?
  13. I'll probably play it once to check it out and then never again.
  14. beautiful. *I'll be switching medals off in CE definitely. They look so out of place.
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