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  1. AskMen saw the transformation and posted an article about me :3
  2. It was pretty rad, I just spent a weekend out of town at a 20 hour seminar/workshop series for life coaching (long story - that's my thing now) but like EVERYONE's ice breaker for interacting with me was some variation of like "you seem really calm/friendly/[compliment] which I didn't expect because of how powerful and muscular you look" or "so you're a fitness/sports coach, I take it?" (and a bunch of girls specifically said my quads were awesome ayy) It was really cool going into a new environment of people who had no idea about my life and they instantly make the assumption that fitness is a big part of it. It shows that even when I look at myself in the mirror and I'm like "lmao do I even lift" they REALLY get that from me as a first thought. A lot of people called me variations of "intense" (in a positive way), a few people called me a freight train hahaha I'm pretty soon planning a shitload of gaming tattoos to fill up my left arm so I'm really interested how that shifts the conversation when I'm in a new environment. I really do encounter a genuine " O_O " reaction from dropping in like "oh yeah I've been a super hardcore video game nerd for around 17 years now" and of course like 100 followup questions start blooming and they always end really fascinated. Whereas before, as you can imagine, it was an assumption that I was some type of weird dorky kid just because it's how I looked. Life is really interesting right now! I hope things have been looking good for the rest of you dudes.
  3. Yesterday I did a thing https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/19702719_10155187475325342_6749922293704497757_o.jpg?oh=ce8c587991201ac068ad67260eb512f2&oe=59CE3194
  4. Changes in your testosterone within normal range won't be noticed or affect anything My weakest friends has 800 ng/dL and my strongest friend has 300
  5. Yeah a lot of BBers wear a belt the entire session and I don't know why Gotta get on that waist trainer meta https://www.instagram.com/p/BP5cuCzg3GN/
  6. Use belt if trying to get stronger at barbell movements Prob don't need one otherwise because if that isn't your goal just do high rep machines :glasses:
  7. Yeah absolutely, it's 100% my fault just being lazy and choosing to just do stuff with them and like "eh I'll catch up on the gym tomorrow" but I have a habit of only going for the super over the top clingy ones that wanna be with 24/7 so given that reality I have to lay down a firm gym schedule, unless I can convince this new one to start coming with me regularly, I think I'm close.
  8. Nice job joeyboi. Can't recommend any programs tbh One thing I've been very very in tune with during my last bulk and current cut is how drastically I let my schedule bend because of girls. Aug 2016 - present for me as been pretty wild to say the least and I'm really aware of how much I sacrifice in terms of lifting and nutrition to not interrupt time with girls. That's something I really want to focus on changing. I'd say that's my #1 flaw right now. Inability to get into good habits, then stay there REGARDLESS of what other things are going on. Of course I'm not gonna go 100% bodybuilding hermit mode, but I really do sacrifice too much. I'm trying to get newbae to buy a gym membership with me actually which would be HUGE for my consistency. Regardless I'm glad that I've identified this as a problem and I'm going to work on fixing it.
  9. It's going, making small steps, using this as an excuse to learn how to cook some new stuff
  10. There's not too much benefit to fasting without the yohimbine/GH synergy anyways from what I've read, doing it when most convenient leads to better adherence long term And bring some Netflix if you can!
  11. Fasted AM cardio with yohimbine is one thing you can do legally The rest of the methods require harder drugs You're correct that 2 IU (6 days on 1 day off) of FDA-approved rHGH could be used in this manner with a fasted state, using more than that doesn't seem to be scientifically supported for any increased fat mobilization. Some would argue unless you're very stacked on funds and looking to TRULY reach national+ levels of leanness you'd probably want to save your funds for bulking since other supplements can get these results much cheaper. Much harder to gain muscle than to retain muscle so hormone budget should be allocated accordingly. You only have to cut that aggressively if you're stepping on a big stage. Otherwise the basics do the trick and save you quite a bit of cash!
  12. Can only target specific receptors with drugs as far as I know, genetics pre-determine the locations that fat comes off in what order Just diet until you have ab veins, no need to worry about a specific section, just shred the whole thing up fam
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/BM3xHmYlhpR/?taken-by=mrstackingplates I observe folks spending a disproportionate amount of their gym time on abdominal training. And often, this abdominal work is being done by individuals with significant levels of midsection adiposity. I've long held the belief that time spent directly training abs is largely wasted time and effort... - Personally, I spend the majority of the year avoiding any direct abdominal work, and normally only implement training of this muscle group deep into dietary phases, and really only if I want to bring just a tiny amount of extra "pop" for pictures or videos. Yes, the rectus abdominis are a muscle group, however their growth potential is severely limited - particularly if engaging in bodyweight style training which most seem to do. In fact, most folks are really just after a "streamlined" midsection so I'd also ask folks who do direct oblique work to ask themselves why they would actually have desire growing a muscle that will create the illusion of a wider waist? To this end, I no longer do any direct oblique work, and haven't for years. - So why are so many folks devoting hours per week to the ab machines in gyms? Many have heard the phrase "abs are made in the kitchen" but I speculate there are still some who may think training abs will somehow "spot reduce" fat tissue in the region. The truth is that the abdominal muscles (even if becoming more developed over time) will still be hidden by a layer of adiposity. For this reason, I would urge folks to consider lowering their abdominal training frequency significantly and instead devote their time/focus in the gym on other more cost effective movements. Structure the diet in such a way that midsection adiposity lessens and those abs will tend to come out organically!
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