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  2. Maybe adding purposeful button-combos is a good idea, but the results should be nowhere near as powerful as the H2 glitches. Maybe even make them not difficult to pull off, and have some strategy involved. For example, doing a double burst and then not being able to shoot again for longer than normal to make up for it. Adds a risk/reward element that modded controllers circumvent in H2 glitches. Otherwise, I am very anti-button combos. Too exploitable IMO
  3. That's..... AWESOME. Totally would buy it if I played this game
  4. Just scrolling down my twitter feed from 5 hours ago to now had sooooo many crazy changes... I did a ton of double takes. My first thought was Optic Nation and Faze Black merging, but I really think both orgs are just too strong to have one eat up the other last minute like that. Either way, the whole argument for why Faze made the second season was because of how well all of the players have performed. If MBoze joined Faze, or vice versa, they will almost definitely keep the spot. Any thoughts on enable's Curse team? Honestly, I'm fearful they won't do well.
  5. Oh, totally right. That's where I saw Dedo filling in, that's what confused me. Good catch! Anyways, from popping into Form's stream the last couple of days, he's been the one struggling the most on Faze if they lose. A lot of the times they are complaining about connection, but I'm worried that the other two slayer-oriented players are going to be difficult for him to mesh with. Then again, they're a newly formed team
  6. I didn't watch the finals but I'm like 90% sure it was Dedo that played with tK, not Methodz 0.0
  7. TK is a to3 right now with Sharp, Goon, and Methods from Curse. Unless they dropped him since last night, but I don't think so.
  8. Faze Black will most likely not have a spot in MLG season 2, because the spot is currently owned by the Strictly Business organization, not the players. An interesting development, Faze Black may have to battle through the open bracket in order to qualify for the circuit. The whole process is pretty convoluted for me, and I don't really want to read up on it more than that, hah. I'm not sure if Apathy and Dedo are staying together, Dedo is being considered for the last TK spot. But, now that Formal left I will not be following TK much.
  9. After messing with his chat for a while and trolling his lobby by saying he's going Optic, it's official that FaZe is making a second team! Best of luck to them, hope they do well.
  10. Both of the Halo 3 and Halo 4 communities are extremely small, but the Halo 3 one is fifty times louder. Always in streams bashing and going out of their way to complain about H4 and push for H3. I really don't think you guys should be that surprised that H4 would win legitimately. For whatever reason IG is still going for this tournament series, I don't think we should be having such high expectations. Any Halo is fun to LAN, I think the main goal here is a small grassroots circuit. I'll watch
  11. Vertigo was fine, hard to play it often because you need the whole lobby agreeing to it and having the map downloaded. Everyone I have played 4s and customs with avoided Simplex ricochet like the plague, but I have had some interesting games on Pit ricochet. Very rarely chosen, too. Most of the time ricochet was just a stat war with a few players half assing the OBJ and not really playing for the win.
  12. While it needed an update, adding radar and that broken leaderboard is a huge step backwards. It will become a "back out if you see a good team" ordeal again, with no place for the small community of competitive players that play customs to be able to search matchmaking with good gametypes. Before someone mentions v5 ricochet, that isn't chosen. Ever.
  13. And? Searching fours in that playlist during good hours was the only time H4 matchmaking was bearable, and that is being removed, so unless you have a dope friends list of people who play customs you're out of luck. Again, my primary qualm is radar. It completely changes the game. No unexpected flanks and team communication. Just being glued to your radar the whole time with no rewards for awareness.
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