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  1. Devilman is a beast for already processing the BL gameplays. He even includes the player stats!
  2. The stolen money was a sad situation. However, we can’t let a single bad actor ruin this thing. So many people contribute in so many ways, and that must be our focus. BL will remain open to new players and we will continue our efforts to grow the community. Going forward, I plan to dedicate a room as a safe room with a camera, etc. Also, I won’t be accepting cash. As others have said, we shouldn’t speculate over the thief’s identity. Since his name was thrown out, I will say that it was clearly not Puremoney since he’d already departed before the money went missing. Frankly, I believe I know who it was but do not have enough evidence to say definitively. Let’s refrain from naming other suspects.
  3. Silos, once again, has made a generous donation of $300, bringing the prize pool to $3,300! Donations can be made via PayPal to [email protected] @@Silos, BL8?
  4. Here is the information on the BL7 Tourney schedule, format, rules, etc.: http://beach-lan.com/tournament-details/ Thanks to @@Devilman for taking the lead on this and doing a great job. Prize pool currently sits at $3,000, but we’re hoping for some additional donations! Few more days, boys! Can’t wait!
  5. Prize pool sitting at $2,620. If you'd like to donate, you can paypal to [email protected], or venmo to @jwm03g. Also, please follow our new Twitter account: https://twitter.com/thebeachlan
  6. BL6 vids: https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgF8rZtGmOvlJHdMu8olAJhCiT_Kgj9pD
  7. Thanks, Teapot, for doing these posts. I am pleased to announce that Money Matches is sponsoring the tourney this year and has committed to at least $2,500 towards the prize pool. I'll do my best to keep yall in the loop as other things get solidified. We should have the tourney format sorted pretty soon. Devilman is taking the lead on that.
  8. Microsoft/343/UMG have asked us to provide equipment for the upcoming Halo 5 tournament in Daytona (May 12-14). They want to have a Halo 1 free-play area with two stations. They are essentially renting equipment from us. I will be donating the money to the BL6 prize pool. It should be about $450. I will be there with Legend, Meg, Prime, Jownz, and Teapot. We can't stream, but will be capping both stations.
  9. Thanks again to @@Teapot for posting these announcements every year. We have a lot of plans to improve Beach LAN this year, with more details to come as we get closer to the event. Much of that is possible thanks to the support of Weedmaps, whose sponsorship allows us to take our passion to new levels. I am also donating $100 to the prize pool. I will get with Legend soon to publish the tourney schedule and rules. Though the cowards won the argument last year, you should expect this year's tourney to be quite Downrush-heavy. Next year, Hot Box will be the feature map.
  10. Me and Bobby Blitz want a GM against Recruiter and Jownz
  11. I apologize for the late post, but I need to say that I am so very thankful for all the folks who contributed to Beach LAN 5, making it the best event yet. First and foremost, I want to thank @@Teapot. His yearly hype for the LAN brought us corporate sponsors and a commentated stream. Next, thanks to @@Jeenyus for setting up and troubleshooting the stream all week, and killing it as a commentator. Likewise, thanks to @@Hard Way for coming out of nowhere as another top-notch caster. @@Devilman, as usual, went above and beyond with his support, bringing a bunch of equipment, and cleaning and matching up all the Xboxes. Thanks also to all of the folks who donated money and items for prizes, including: @@CodyDragon (Weedmaps), Bawls energy drinks, Josh Holmes, Beyond Forums, @@Teapot, and @. All of the support is humbling. We have a great community and I am very excited about the future of Beach LAN.
  12. Thanks to all those people who have donated money to this year's event. The only reason these Beach LANs work is because of all the help I get. I think T2 would be a nice addition, but between the unprecedented turn out, neutral host on every station, a casting booth, and the weedmaps sponsorship, this LAN will be the best yet either way. T2 is doable, it's just a question of whether you guys want it to happen. If we don't reach the goal, I will return the T2 money to the donors.
  13. Walshy fell through. I thought we were locked in, but I guess he's about to make a move across the country and needed more time than expected to get his affairs in order.
  14. Boys, I believe we can get T2 to come cast if we can raise the money for it. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and we have T2 lined up but not the money. I'm thinking it will cost between $1,500 to $2K for have him come and cast the stream.
  15. Beach LAN officially has a sponsor in Weedmaps (https://weedmaps.com/). Their Esports division is putting up prize money for two tournaments and flying out casters and tech folks to set up a decent stream, among other things. We will have 7 stations, all with NHE (http://www.halo1final.com/). While there will be capping stations, one elite station will be streaming. A number of players from the community will be casting during the week, but we are hoping to have a more professional caster for the tournaments. I really appreciate all of your support. The more attention we can bring to the event, the more our sponsor will be willing to do for us going forward.
  16. I always do my best to make sure people play on their real names when theyre capping or streaming. People are shitheads though
  17. Boys, there are a few spots left in the 3rd house. $190 for the week. J-up
  18. Thanks for everything, @@Teapot, the posts, the donations, etc. To clarify, everyone is welcome, @@Hard Way. There will be players of all skill levels. Anyone interested in donating to the prize pool can send money to my paypal: [email protected] @@Droid 's Rage Montage coming out soon.
  19. All great suggestions. I plan to stream for sure. But I think for the most competitive games, it's best to cap, rather than stream.
  20. Also, regarding commentators, I think that would be too much of a hassle to try to do live. But if someone is interested in doing that, I can provide the raw video and you can do whatever you want before I post on youtube.
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