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  1. Actual TTKs in seconds: AR 1.20 BR 1.57 Bulldog 0.53 Cindershot 0.85 Commando 0.92 Disruptor 2.02 Heatwave 0.82 Hydra (homing mode) 2.28 Hydra (normal mode) 1.42 Mangler 1.48 Needler 1.20 Plasma Pistol 1.85 Pulse Rifle 1.10 Ravager 0.33 Sentinel Beam 0.90 Shock Rifle 0.15 MK50 Sidekick 1.05
  2. Nah, it's actually 94 frames. The number after the decimal point refers to frames at 60 fps, not fractions of a second. So it's 1 second (60 frames) plus 34 frames. Each frame is 16.67 milliseconds, thus 94 * 16.67 = 1569 milliseconds.
  3. MCC Insider currently has Derelict in the 1v1 rotation. Should be replaced by Longest.
  4. Nobody plays 1v1 with rockets anyway. MLG banned using them on Prisoner.
  5. Blood n Glory, multi-time MLG champ in Rainbow Six Vegas: http://www.twitch.tv/bnglory/profile FuriouSG of Team Vitality, who won the Fall 2015 ladder on GameBattles: http://www.twitch.tv/furiousg_/profile
  6. How's the neutral host project progressing?
  7. Make the needler useful by making it the best quick camo and melee weapon in the game: - fastest quick camo - make the melee animation as fast as the AR's - possibly add a damage boost to the melee so two stationary melees kill - keep the melee range the same - keep the shooting mechanics of the gun as useless as ever
  8. It did, see http://drstrangevolt.blogspot.fi/2012/12/aim-acceleration-in-console-shooters-part2.html
  9. It's nothing like on the Xbox. I ran MCC and OG side by side last week to test the differences in magnetism and aim assist, pistol magnetism especially, and found out that they were actually identical. Sounds weird, I know, because it is (or was, rather) definitely easier to shoot in MCC, but that might be due to 60 fps, more responsive controls and lag compensation, or whatever. But the hitboxes, magnetism and aim assist were all identical (on stationary targets), even for the H2A-easy sniper. This new update has virtually no aim assist for headshots.
  10. Happened again at 01:47:17. You may want to keep the volume low: http://www.twitch.tv/jukkisp/b/657664125
  11. Yeah. xboxdvr.com/JukkisP/2681b9e4-ea4b-47a4-9457-e0186ad31249
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