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  1. Hey, pretty sure I played with yall back in the day. I'm making my comeback for season 2. And if this Murda guy is who I think it is, maybe we could all run. Dude is solid. Hit me up. TuSaint
  2. No description was entered
  3. I feel I have played with a Tails before, but it might not be the one you're thinking of. Probably the most notable person I have teamed with on the scene now is Rayne. I haven't really tried to go to events since 2010.
  4. Bump. Trying to take it as serious as possible. I see everyone I played with back in the day making noise, I want to be there to. Lets go..
  5. Alright guys, been a long time since a I made a post like this somewhere.. My name is Jake, I've been playing competitive Halo since the very beginning of Halo 3. I've been on some good teams, and LAN'ed with some the best. Trying to get back into the scene, and take things serious again. I am a father, and I work 4 days a week.. If we can figure out a good schedule, maybe we can make something work. Look forward to playing with yall.. GT: TuSaint Twitch: HCSaint
  6. Somebody please quote APG and post the video of Richard Sherman post game against 49rs.. I dont understand why my phone is doing this. It almost made me post a third time.. Bring the neg rep! Thats instantly what I thought of after reading his post haha
  7. I literally just failed so hard on my post.... Failing so hard, Im failing now explaing it... It was so nice, but it wont let me post the video for some reason....
  8. I am very interested in talking with you more about this opportunity. I have been playing competitive Halo for a long time. With most of my experience coming from Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. I have lanned with top players such as Neighbor, Hysteria, Loki, Perplexity, and Wolfmayne to name a few. The best team I was on had the 19th seed for MLG Dallas 2010. We broke up prior to this event, and I quit because of the lack of fun I had playing Halo: Reach. I am back now for Halo 5, the potential of this game has me extremely hyped. And I feel I am playing better than I did even in 2010. I look forward to discussing this futher with you. I will add your gamertg as well. GT: TuSaint
  9. Yo Im Jake. GT: Yellows0ccerball88 Used to play big team in H4 but now I only play 4v4... Lets run #HighDemand
  10. That exactly how I feel. I think if we can open our minds a bit as a community, the potential for this game could be endless. We'll see when there is more than just 4 team tournament.
  11. I just think it's a decent way to avoid rewarding someone who over-sprints. That's why I have no problem. It's honestly whatever, keep it or change it to normal.. I still think we should give it more of a chance than a 4 team invitational.
  12. I just like how you could make the other team burn OS in Halo 3. If it gave you the invincibility, like in H3, I think it would work. But if they changed it so you could drop it, I like that aswell.
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