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  1. for all those wanting TSM have they followed TSM outside league? Because um doesn't seem they put much effort towards their other teams...ask Astralis their former csgo team which at the time was top 3 in the world. Look at their cod team and CURRENT csgo teams. They really seem to only care alot for league and other games just a way to put their name out there. They also dont increase any viewership or provide exposure Dont get me wrong they are a big org and huge just outside LoL doesn't seem much care is given
  2. Same goes for how he deals with all his teams. Leaves it mainly in the hands of the players to know what they want in their teams
  3. Benching isnt a new thing in esports lol. Also community need to stop always goin on witch hunts without knowing wtf actually happened. Not really a Denial fan but they have treatee their Gears and Smite teams really well and have had those longer than their Halo teams. Their cod teams were treated well too tbh. Maybe.....just maybe.....this time its on the players? Weird thought huh
  4. Probably because they waiting till after worlds to see what their team will actually be. Seems pretty clear imo that at least 1 change is being made to the roster, whether they keep gary or not is tbd
  5. Ppl need to relax on the coach thing lol Flame already does most of the "coaching" they literally said they want just someone to time powerups Maniac even said only towey he personally believes actually helps the team. A very vocal coach + flame could be a bad thing
  6. Flame already does what most coaches do. Honestly I think they just wanted just that. Someone to keep timers so Flame doesn't also have to worry about that
  7. He didnt like aw along with many others but hey u just not gonna play and compete for that $$$? He can more easily "shit" on newer halos because he doesn't have to force himself to play it. H5 to him prob reminds him alot of AW Bo3 plays different and isnt all that quick thrusting around
  8. In one of his older vids when h5 just dropped he didnt like it. Hes not a fan of the thrusters and all that and thinks halo is best in its purest not how the recent ones been Dont think he hates halo just the new direction halo goin.
  9. Ryans vids are great but little advice he needs proper thumbnails and less generic titles for his vids. Naming them breakdown #1,#2,#3 etc isnt helping his content. Short description of what the breakdown about in the title helps
  10. Honestly something with that old OG squad just never clicked. I think they needed this breakup tbh Lifestyle looks pretty good pickup too
  11. None of those names minus clay has a big yt presence. Most of them there are non existent on yt. Kap? Pls kap doesnt break 300 views on twitch on cod while when maniac streamed he would have 400 on halo 5 which is significantly less popular
  12. Like who? Merk didnt do content regularly and isnt doesnt get the views they get. Proofy? Not a content guy either Clayster? Yea but they dropped him to grab both formal and crim What bigger personalities u speak of? Maniac has shown tremendous growth in the short time hes been doin yt compared to how long it took other OpTic members to get where hes currently at. Been following cod and their teams since cod4 and yea gonna have to question what bigger content creators OpTic has actually dropped.
  13. Flame and maniac wont get booted off OpTic Maybe the halo team but just like Mboze they will still be apart of OpTic
  14. Karma produces content.And moved out to Chicago to be close to the team to actually produce more content since he didnt have any friends really where he was before. Formal is also moving soon and im sure he will post more often when hes at the house Edit: also the cs team is interested in doin content
  15. To be quite fair cod only streams respawns. SnDs since its 1 life and usually more strats involved and a team knowing ur strats/pushes can hinder u same with cs 1 life. Respawn it doesnt nearly matter as much since ur more playing in the moment than have a set way u want to play a 10 min game cuz nothing will go according to plan for a whole 10mins. Hence why respawn is streamed
  16. me and 1 other clan member would of been a perfect game if it wasnt for that questionable death and be blinkin off the map :P ended 35K-2D
  17. mr__vice my twitch will be streaming digital ver on PS4 as soon as it unlocks @ 12AM PST/3AM EST
  18. yea handcannons need to be buffed and stay as primary sniper, shotgun and fusion are all better for special weapons anyway pulse also needs a reduction in recoil a bit, didnt get killed by a single pulse user and honestly spent most my time using the scout rifles and when i did switch it up was to use auto rifles only 2 viable primaries atm imho
  19. thanks my dude had fun making it love this game lol
  20. This was all edited via SHAREfactory app on PS4. like , comment subscribe if u liked the vid, many more to come from myself and my clan on our team channel Watch on a computer btw
  21. sup ViCe here, PS4 competitive player planning to play a shit ton of Destiny with my clan 1st time signing in these forums, did it when i saw yall had a destiny section so figured why not.
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