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  1. People need to realize that this a collection and not a H2 Re-Release
  2. Halo 3's Gameplay looks amazing, I hope its the second most played game behind H2
  3. So, what are you guys eating the first week that MCC will be out, once The Weekend after release starts I will pull an all-nighter and order Pizza Hut Bacon Pizza with Cheese Sticks and Mountain Dew while I Grind out H2A
  4. GT: DFB Solaire, dont have a Xbox right now but getting a Xbox One in October, up for Online Play and possibly LANs
  5. Are there any tournaments running in the New England area next year with MCC Coming out ?
  6. Maybe the community will make the rest of the H2 Maps for H2A
  7. I am gonna make a WW1 Style Trench Map in H3 where everyone starts off with a DMR
  8. Im in high school so play H2A and H3s MP (maybe some H1 Campaign also) when im not in school and during the weekend grind out H2C
  9. First Day 1. H2A Multiplayer 2. CE:A Campaign 3. H2 Multiplayer 4. Halo Nightfall after that whatever.
  10. Make a gaming schedule like I do, for example Saturday: 8 hours Halo 2 3 hours Halo 3 2 hours Destiny
  11. The first week I will alternate between H2/H2A Multiplayer and Doing all Campaigns in order, then once the campaign's are done then I will focus Multiplayer for a awhile alternating between H1,H2,H2A,and H3, then once the H5 Beta is released play a shit load of that (Probably the only thing im gonna do other then eat,shower,and go to school) once the beta is over then maybe do more multiplayer or try out the Mission Playlists
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