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  1. Crimsix? Maybe I'm not sure what you mean by "Halo guy."
  2. Question is definitely who will get 2gre but I'm interested to see where Naded falls.
  3. I really have to give respect to Preschool. Hes not even upset (or at least not whining about it), and just wanted to play get his name out there. I've known him for awhile now...Really cool dude. If there were more people in the community like this, I would compete more.
  4. Hey guys. My sponsor, Lionize Media/CauseWereGuys, is hosting a free to enter online tournament. It will be best of three matches on Ghost's TS settings to 25 kills. This will cover the span of a few weeks possibly a month and play a match or two a week. I am working with them to finalize the schedule. It will be ran on Challonge and information will be sent out via email by signing up for it and linking your email with their mailing list. My twitter account and @CausewereGamerz will periodically tweet reminders as well. This is the first in their plan to host multiple CoD and Halo Tournaments while they grow the gaming side of their company. You can sign up here: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=973704303922cdb66592420ee&id=1bdaf714d3 Right now, CoD is crushing Halo in sign ups. We know to expect CoD to have more people sign up, but if this goes too one-sided, they might want to dump all resources into CoD so please sign up and spread the word.
  5. Are you posting any teams or just like assumed pro teams ray? If you want, add CWG Unloaded - InFury, Saintly, LittleKountry
  6. Holy shit I never thought I'd see another Ohio local thread. I pretty much live in Cleveland, Akron or Columbus depending on the given time.
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