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  1. Ehh, at regionals they took Denial to 5 and regardless of the sound issues they still 3-0 RNG. They were one game from top 4 and maybe could have gotten 2nd. If they practice, I still think they are every bit as good as other top 4 not including CLG.

    Exactly what I was thinking. Plus at worlds the main thing is the bracket draw after groups. Like whatever team gets to play 2nd place out of group D is really likely to get top 4.
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  2. I guess it just depends on what every bodies opinions of potential capping out at.


    I think at this point everybody is competing for 2nd. EG, Denial, ALG, everybody. Obviously everyone has their favorites, but ALG has shown they can compete with the best of them multiple times. No reason they cant do the same at Worlds. EG was slumping like...two weeks ago, but I'd imagine most people still expected them to be in the top 2.

    I honestly have no clue what to expect from EG. I don't know if they just have a problem with CLG or if they just are in a full out slump. Anything can happen at worlds for 2nd place I don't think it would be too surprising if any NA team got second outside of c9 or elevate. Just depends on who is hot and who isn't at worlds and how the bracket gets drawn out.

  3. ...They just got third at NA Regionals. I'd hardly consider them struggling. They've always been a Top 4 team, I dont think anything changed. Every team goes through slumps, and every team loses scrims online. Hardly consider them hurt though...

    I don't think they are struggling. Just they aren't looking as good as they did at xgames. They dropped a game to every team they played at regionals. They just seem like they aren't improving. But with breakout I believe they easily could've been top 2 plus would've had a good series with clg.

  4. I don't know how I feel about black ops 3. Maybe if the shot registration was better but this game is just too inconsistent for me to even want to keep playing. I hate playing regular pubs just never a fan of it. Arena takes too long and teammates quit when it's not search. Then gbs are just bad due to shot registration being awful.

  5. I agree with this. This ranking system is just dumb to me because you can be put in the highest rank (champion) by playing ten games... lol it should not work like this. But the #1 reason i prefer 1-50 is because some of us don't have the time to play halo 24/7,  so whenever i grind to champion (1-25) and i get off, then the next day i hop on and I'm back in onyx and that is so stupid to me. Makes me not even wanna try for champion because i can't play 24/7 like some of these people. This ranking system is just who can grab a t04 and stomp people the longest. Pointless

    Why do you have to be top 200? You don't even get put in champion unless your the first 200 put in onyx out of placements matches. I agree you shouldn't be able to be put that high and I think you should be able to rank down a division. But comparing a rank 50 to champion is just silly.


    The only thing I like more about 1-50 is that it's easier to find games for top people because getting to champion makes people struggle to find games.

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