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  1. Challenger tier duo
  2. I would agree if its a lower tier team, but since its CLG why wouldn't you just want to scrim them all night? (with breaks optimally). They are SO much better than everyone right now, that it would be an honor to play that many games with them. Just my opinion of course.
  3. I love to get better. I can run anytime. HMU asap. My resume https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qEd7XGuopNHiIxUBSDT4ghFvIo-Xprfl31YqeTt1Ou0/edit


    Junior and Jcon Suck
  5. So on my team, "Team Enig" I changed my gamertag from "Savage HCS" to "Enigma Savage", and it didn't update. I am concerned that if I delete the team that I won't be able to make a new one because I'm pretty sure that its at its cap for teams. Could someone from teambeyond update it please?
  6. I was still playing round 1 monkey bomb reported a no show. What the hell?
  7. Technically you can't even say that the survey exists, per the MS Confidentiality Statement.
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