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  1. It would help the game in my opinion, the kill time would be faster which is what they wanted in the first place, Cursed Lemon even talked about in his early Halo 5 beta review, where the map clutter and Spartan mobility makes the time for kill actually longer than previous Halos when they are trying to make the kill times faster.
  2. Well that's not a fair comparison considering theres not a single 4v4 playlist that isn't ranked, in every previous halo there was unranked casual play AKA Social Slayer, so to say Arena holds a good population compared to hardcore h2, or mlg h3...simply apples and oranges. If an old time casual halo player wants to play a simple unranked match they have to play 12v12 or 8v8 so of course they are gonna play the only 4v4 playlists available, no other choice.
  3. I believe it will help with point 3, but you have to factor in how easy it is to hear people sprinting etc, almost everyone has a headset these days. It will lessen it but people will still hide in a corner and spray you down as you come by.
  4. Yeah they clearly have no desire to be a high level esport...people get DDoSed every round of the qualifers, and they just say "eh, oh well". As far as the settings go they are trying to make casual play and esports play the same settings. Look at h2, h3,even reach had its own playlist with MLG settings where the settings were completely different than casual play, the way it should be.
  5. Yeah you're right maybe we will only have to wait 6 months for a decent update this time, give them time guys.
  6. Not sure, is MCC fixed yet? Or is h3 backwards compatible?
  7. Reversal is not even close to feeling the same as winning a gun fight in h2/h3 when you were a shot down...it is easier in h5 though with the AR killing like a br at mid range
  8. "I still laugh every time you tell people to play MCC over Halo 5" Sounds to me like you prefer Halo 5 and would recommend that over MCC, or am I understanding this wrong?
  9. But you're telling people to play Halo 5 though which is the same thing.
  10. For the record some of us would rather play broken versions of CE/H2/H3 than Halo 5. Ok, so Halo 5 is good in your opinion. Why even bother? You cant assume that arguing with someone will change their mind.
  11. Wait you mean more than 11% of people asked for no sprint? I cant believe this...
  12. That's fine, doesn't take away from the point that they completely change settings to what they prefer...but there's also a reason why plenty of people bought the game and the pros + a few hardcore fans are the only ones left playing.
  13. It's also been BR starts for years but that's not happening. They will just keep the settings the way they want them, I don't see any changes in the near future except maybe a new obj mode Ball or bomb. Would like to atleast see radar removed or the storm rifle/ar nerfed though. Again, I just don't see it happening
  14. Conspiracy Serafic
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