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  1. Halo 5 with the assistance of a few performance decreasing drugs. https://www.twitch.tv/shadowkhan
  2. man....Ive been 100% convinced this game has no sense of personal style or skill to be displayed which makes it boring....but for the first time in forever im checking out a few streams and holy shit, danoxide specifically, the way this guy moves makes me like this game so much more just by seeing whats actually possible with more knowledge. really good shit.
  3. The more I play breakout the more im convinced it was supposed to be the main mode
  4. ce/5 come talk please, im loney and hate h5 http://www.twitch.tv/shadowkhan
  5. word, should have went to the ce discussion thread.
  6. post got deleted? anyone wanna play ce?
  7. Never understood how fearitself could sit so close to the screen while playing games with such a narrow fov lol
  8. I understand that now, hence why I said I was embarrassed. So when is the competitive themed stream explaining all the new updates for it hmm?? oh yea there probably will never be any outside of a shit map here and there. Edit: oh look an arena map in the firefight stream CRAZY!!!
  9. Embarrassed. lol. My pessimism is probably still warranted tho heh
  10. This stream is probably the most depressing thing about halo ive seen since mcc launch. Never been so painfully obvious that they only care about the casual side of the game. Will there EVER be any balance changes? ridiculous
  11. so i guess warzone is the main concern of 343 huh? how early did they give up on the whole "arena is our main focus" and dive straight into this casual trash? I should have stayed gone lol
  12. streaming h1/5 annoyingly buzzed http://www.twitch.tv/shadowkhan
  13. Whats the point in being good when there are pretty much not outlets for it besides playing online?
  14. Any zenyatta players? love the character but seems to be super weak.
  15. Been gone since before forge update, is there anyway to browse community made maps and download them? like a top rated type thing? could really go for an obstacle course or something
  16. tried that, h3 gaurdian voted over h1 prisoner after 10 mins searching. Turned off xbox.
  17. wonder what feels closest to h1 3/2/1?
  18. Been gone since before the forge update. Can someone be super awesome and tell me how the game has been doing since? Is ce pistol in yet?

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