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  1. What about the settings, are they the same or what's up with that?
  2. Bruh you live in Kingwood? I just moved from Kingwood to atascocita, wut up.
  3. Care to explain? I'm pretty sure you're talking about me since I've came out of nowhere and I'm typing massive idiotic paragraphs like 343 will listen to a pawn like me.
  4. Sorry, I missed this one. Yes, I believe the community should be one but at the same time look at CoD, they have a separate casual side and a competitive side. Halo 2 / 3 had the casual and competitive, I mean they mainly focused on casual playlists and probably a side team watching the comp. side but they had MLG at the time so they let them handle it. 343 can find a balance in bringing back the classic version of Halo, not CE, but 2 / 3 and work off of those fundamentals with minor of new features like I stated in my thread (link posted earlier) to make it a fresh, new, throw back game that is family friendly. It will be a master piece, completely like Leonardo da Vinci. 100%, no argument allowed.
  5. It was okay, better than the other day before this day, it was a pretty bad day that day. What about your day? Was it eventful?
  6. Because I'm overly qualified and it would be too easy? Correct answer. Forgot that 343 is only ran by interns, no wonder they don't care.
  7. Random question, what job reqs. do you think you need to take over the role of shaping Halo for 343?
  8. Wow, I feel sorry for that dude. An hour to make that video. I can go make a power point about how to fix matchmaking within 10 minutes then get on Ted Talk and become and instant billionaire, but that would be too easy.
  9. Exactly. Not a fanboy, just a human being with a working cranium.
  10. The game needs a split, casual side and a competitive side. The pros that have been succeeding since the Halo 2 / 3 era say that these things need to go, they are trying to help the community as a whole. How did Halo 2 / 3 thrive in comp? Because Bungie cared about about e-sports? Slightly. Or is it because we had MLG? Sure they were a big help, but I guarantee that Bungie would listen to pros more so than 343 would. Did Bungie have as many fails as 343 did? No. Has 343 failed consistently? Yes, yes, and yes. Why is 343 not trying to replicate a working solid game that works, they have the fan base, they sell a load of games every year on release but what are they doing wrong? They don't listen to anyone but themselves and only take feedback seriously from casual players aka the developers. Maybe some of the Ex pros in 343 have a slight say in it but most likely it's a no and I wouldn't want them to develop the game or guide the "actual" makers either because they're under 343's paycheck. It's not that 343 doesn't understand the competitive community or that they don't understand the casual community, they just don't understand what Halo is and they are driving the true game and value of the franchise further and further away. Halo will only thrive again going back to it's roots. I'm really confused why the #1 xbox game years ago went to basically last place. Seriously shouldn't go south when you're #1 unless you get into a major lawsuit or you hire way under qualified people. There's no reason for pros to stream when you get 300 viewers, there's no publicity about Halo at all. Updates are shit, announcements are late and vague, servers can't hold up to the name "dedicated", blah blah blah. I don't even watch tournaments for this game, let alone play it. I just see stupid updates on twitter and people triggered about 343 and then I have to go on a rant. I guarantee if there is a large petition when it comes to bringing the game back to the roots of wear it started (NOT HALO CE, 343, please don't take that as tip), then it would succeed and Halo will be at piece again, unless they do something like unlimited jetpacks. #RIPHalo6 I can understand why people like Halo 5 because they are new to the Halo series or started around reach/h4 but there is a whole lot you missed. Anyways, I just don't understand why they keep doing this to the community. Really mind boggling. *read more about this if you'd like http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/17655-the-book-of-halo/
  11. Halo will always be broken unless they go back to the version of Halo 2 / 3 and what they attempted with MCC. They need to do multiple Betas for the next game, make sure the lobbies can hold up to the amount of players Warzone can handle, just to make sure those so called "DEADicated" servers don't fail. Listen to the Top Players only for Competitive Settings, if you're an ex pro that is hired by 343, I'm sorry you still don't qualify. The Halo Franchise can be easily fixed with bringing the game back to how it started just like CoD did with ww2 and how Blizzard for WoW is doing, bringing back Vanilla. 343 is capable of doing simple tasks because their employees seem to know how to make twitter accounts and post, I just don't see why it is so hard to get a working, standard game that is easily accessible for all. I 100% think that if they went back to Halo 2 / 3 and advertised it crazy, it will bring in more sales and player count than Halo 5. Flame me, roast me, cook me but this is the truth. If they keep going in the direction they are going with adding abilities, casual weapons to comp, unnecessary things then it's just going to flop again and again and again. Yes, they don't have MLG but come on, it really doesn't take that much effort to listen to the players and make a true competitive side to the game. It's what, two years into Halo 5 and the settings are getting shuffled around, that is a complete joke. Honestly the top players that are making money and winning or top 4 every time and do profit after everything, just keep playing it to make money off of a dead game, stealing candy from a baby (343). I posted this earlier but it might have been pushed back, here is my thread on beyond about what I think Halo should be. I know 343 will not take action just based off of a post but I felt like typing it up. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/17655-how-halo-should-be-indepth-post/
  12. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/17655-the-book-of-halo/?p=999946
  13. You're right about the To4 playlist, I will removed that from the list and update it to something better. I think if I'm going to search as a party of 4, getting matched against another party of 4 within the same rank category would seem fair but if a party of 4 is searching and they can't find a match right away then the search would open up to parties of 3's and so forth until they find a match but it would start off playing other teams of 4. I'm not sure if they incorporated that into any Halo game, haven't noticed. But I think it's a good idea. Well, I personally know top players that did like it because it was a way to earn some side change and it gave real casual players/fans a chance to interact with top players. Maybe the leveling service would be a bad idea but CoD incorporated it so I would think it might be a good idea to try a beta version of it for Halo, but maybe at a later time to just focus on content. Just a suggestion. Ranked Playlists: Warzone was a mistake, that should have said social only. 343 needs to focus on casual and competitive side, that's why there is a lot of ranked playlists just like there was in Halo 2/3. There needs to be ranked for casuals not just competitors. In Halo 2 and 3, Doubles, Team Slayer, Team Skirmish, Head to Head, FFA, Team Snipers, & BtB were all ranked and were all flooded with players and not to mention MLG/Hardcore was thriving as well. Getting to level 50 in all playlists is way more satisfying then getting champion in just a single playlist in Halo 5. I got to champion in doubles within a day of playing Halo 5 and quit, You could probably do the same in Halo 2/3 with no chance of the rank itself resetting but it would take longer to get to level 50 in all playlists then champion. I still stand by pretty much what I said, keep Ranked HCS/Arena Playlist(Only Competitive Maps/Settings), Team Slayer, Doubles, Head to Head, Skirmish, Snipers, BtB, FFA all being casual maps/settings. This would have ALL playlists in one screen, Ranked to entice players to reach max level and get certain skins/armor unlocks/achievements, and would still entice pro players to play these to interact with the community for example. Top Player plays with twitch subs on weekends in Team Slayer to help them rank up and just play with them instead of playing social playlist. Makes players want to grind playlist even more to match top players at the top levels. More Playlists = More content, more variety, more reason to play and rank up. It's all POSITIVE things that would help the community grow. And again, they should add "Clans" back into the game to do clan wars or matches with the search preference of match only clans for first 3 minutes of searching for clan xp to level your clan up for more rewards. Literally all this is pure gold when it comes to making the next game. I would say everything else should be social and agree but if I were a casual that only wants to be good at Team Slayer or Doubles then I would only want Ranked doubles to get to level 50. Usually when players get to max level in one playlist that's not competitive then they usually transition over to another playlist because they already reached max level, and once they try the competitive playlist and again, reach max level, they will usually stay and compete with brings more players to the scene. If you have anything else, please share. Thanks!
  14. Here is a link to my new post about what Halo should be about and how to fix it as well., http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/17655-the-book-of-halo/
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