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  1. To be honest, although I'm not the biggest fan of sprint, and in my opinion it's the only ability that should be removed, I think 343 see sprint as something that needs to be had in a new game, and I support that. What I can see is that sprint was always going to be a given, but with the 4 second delay on shields, I can't see it harming competitive play. I would like to see two different playlist collections to choose from in matchmaking, the way that Halo 3 had 'ranked and unranked' we should see 'sprint' and 'nosprint.' I really don't see it as a problem, and with a few more penalties for using sprint, it will become just a faster way to get into the action and nothing more.
  2. Cheers for all of the responses guys, was hoping to get this type of discussion going!
  3. I know, I'm posting this as a response to people that are annoyed by the decision, and just for discussion (:
  4. I mean that Optic will probably buy them a lot more time with the game, or just be given more time as they are the most famous team, thanks to the CoD fanbase.
  5. I hope this hasn't been a topic before, so I'm wondering about the exclusion of Reach in Halo Master Chief Collection? Personally, I don't mind that much and I respect their reasons. Halo Reach seems to be a Love/Hate thing in the competitive community, and even casual to some respects. Reach had more haters than lovers, and 343 probably doesn't feel the need to be redesigning a game that not all players liked. Both Halo 4 and Reach were released relatively recently, but H4 is 343's game and they want to promote it, as well as it containing Master Chief in the story. Reach however, was not originally 343's game, and they don't feel the need to promote players to use it on MCC. Those are just my thoughts anyway, how do you feel about Reach not being in the Master Chief Collection? :Halo:
  6. People have said it before, but Optic is really the go-to with the new H2 as they will have the most access, due to funds from HECZ on their channel.
  7. Only two maps in halo history really pissed me off, Isolation, and Snowbound... Oh snowbound no-one likes you.
  8. I'm sorry, but scufs really don't help that much. I've had one for ages now, and the only thing that actually proper helps is the no-slow aim. The paddles just replace the buttons, and don't help at all unless your right thumb has arthritis. Putting XYB on your scuf paddles won't make H2 glitches easier at all, just give a new way to do it.
  9. Really, really glorified, but still looks like a sick game. The HUD looks really similar to CS though.
  10. No, its all about the setup. You have to create a live UD with your name, a box for the skype chat, and all the glamourous effects that you want like gameplay or whatever bollocks. Then, using skype in chat settings, get rid of the main screen and just keep the video, effectively getting rid of the skype display, and just keeping the raw chat. You'll be able to modify the size of that the same way you would any old program. Fit the raw chat in the box made when you created the live display, and change the size of the other programs to fit in the big screen, the gap in the live display for gameplay etc. sorry if I seem wierd, it's 5 in the morning!
  11. I knowI've got ome really embarrassing film names jn theatre myself. I think there's one called 'blue assed gorilla.'
  12. Possibly yeah. To be honest I would prefer not to know. In this case, I really want a suprise.
  13. Sorry mate, that picture was too dark, I couldn't see what it was. There was just a few lights scattered here and there.
  14. But it's off topic! Have fun, talk about Pina Coladas!
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