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  1. Hey Guys, Looking for people to attend the upcoming Iron Gaming Event this December. Currently have taken days off for the event so i'm going no matter what. I'm looking for solid players who have a good amount of experience. Here is just basic stats about me. Halo 3 MLG 50 with multiple accounts over 1000 exp on the playlist. Placed Top 12 out of 128 in August's JWalk Online Halo 3 Tournament. (First Tournament since 2009) Currently on 6th best team on PGL's H2A 4v4 Ladder, notable wins over Wolfmanyeee's team. (Current team not attending event) Over 8 years of exp in Competitive Halo. Have LAN and small venue experience. Please hit me up online if you want to run, i'm only looking for comparable individuals in skill and experience. I play anytime after 6PM EST till whenever. I work, but am very flexible in my schedule. GT: Tread Anon www.twitch.tv/treadanon -- Previous matches can most likely be found on my pre broadcasts, look back to last Saturday or Sunday 11/15-11/16 to find matches.
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