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  1. KOREA BROS. Yo real talk I need a new power supply. Anyway you could purchase one for me? where are you stationed in Korea, I'm near Busan.
  2. I love how realistic all of optic was about stellur leaving. They are handling it as they should. This is a huge step up for stellur, and they are happy/supportive of him.
  3. Do you guys thing that og2 would be more likely to play on a 2nd account to hide they were running the mikwen? for renegades
  4. Maybe Roy/Lethul/Royal2/Snakebite sign to a "new" organization
  5. I've decided that nothing will happen. Everyones trolling. No way every top pro gets the info and just tweets vague shit. I don't buy it.
  6. I bought this man mcdonalds once. Can vouch for him. (Or did i only pay for Pat i forget)
  7. Life just isn't the same without a Suddfight. If we got playit2thelimit to stream, life would be complete.
  8. What are people using to check games online nowadays. halotracker or waypoint?
  9. Any twitters I can follow and such to find out whose all a FA/not a full team atm?
  10. Putting together the team that qualifies from Asia. It's gonna be lit. If you're an expat post your gamertags in the thread.
  11. I will do my best to make sure I represent Asia at the World Champs.
  12. To2 with pass for GFG. Any to2's or anyone who is on a team on the waitlist and has realized they won't get a pass and what's to leave for a team that has a pass LMK.
  13. Team Throwdown = community based. Yes. Ghost has final word over settings, yes. 343i influences Ghost, therefore influences the community based playlist. Therefore, 343 is related to the problem. There definitely is an agenda for 343i to push Skyline down our throats. We're a market that their DLC is tanking in, because their DLC's in halo 4 have been useless for the competitive scene. Why the fuck do you think the finals for h4GC was on skyline? Why do you think ghost had 3 gametypes (2 are broken) in v3, and 2 in v4? Why do you think it was in every fucking bo5 rotation at AGL events once 343iayame's map selections became the basis of AGL?
  14. It's a joke to think he hasn't been directly influenced by 343i ever since Skyline was getting forced down our throats and they continued to keep adrift. Serving 343i is the ends, where creating gametypes has become the means to that ends now. Obviously there's 3 situations possible here: 1) 343i is directly influencing his decisions. high pressure for DLC. 2) No one played devil's advocate at all, and gametype testing and feedback became a circlejerk. 3) He's indecisive, and decided to try to please everyone because he couldn't say no. Honestly, it's not even like we can say "yah ghost screwed up, yadayada." He's been given the shittiest deck of cards in the world to play with. TBH tho almost all of his versions aside from v4 weren't very good. v1/v2 was dealing with a shit game, v3 was poor map selection, and v5 has become poor map selection again as well. I think the moment ghostayame turned into 343ayame shit really did start to turn for the worse. We shouldn't be conforming to the game designers, they should conform to us and our needs. I hate this notion of just writing off Halo 4, but for fuck sakes 343i. Why did you ship us a god damn Alpha....
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