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  1. KOREA BROS. Yo real talk I need a new power supply. Anyway you could purchase one for me? where are you stationed in Korea, I'm near Busan.
  2. I love how realistic all of optic was about stellur leaving. They are handling it as they should. This is a huge step up for stellur, and they are happy/supportive of him.
  3. Do you guys thing that og2 would be more likely to play on a 2nd account to hide they were running the mikwen? for renegades
  4. Maybe Roy/Lethul/Royal2/Snakebite sign to a "new" organization
  5. I've decided that nothing will happen. Everyones trolling. No way every top pro gets the info and just tweets vague shit. I don't buy it.
  6. I bought this man mcdonalds once. Can vouch for him. (Or did i only pay for Pat i forget)
  7. Life just isn't the same without a Suddfight. If we got playit2thelimit to stream, life would be complete.
  8. What are people using to check games online nowadays. halotracker or waypoint?
  9. Any twitters I can follow and such to find out whose all a FA/not a full team atm?
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