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  1. What is the best controller for Halo currently? I have heard elite controllers break fast and I have also heard the Pro's only use Scuf controllers because they are sponsored by SCUF. So what is the best? I plan on using it for PC games as well.
  2. These casters are great.. Just different. I kind of want casters with high intensity play by play instead of talking about the game in general all the time.. It's fine in some situations.. However with watching one player and going with a play by play could be more interesting like the Pucket days.
  3. IGraphicI

    NextUp Dubs

    Graphic and Switch
  4. So are we allowed 6 people on our ladder team in gb? We can use all 6 and still get pro points and its okay?
  5. Team Name: Worthless Pieces Gamertags: i Graphic i, Warrdd
  6. Please make this happen.. I want a good Halo to watch for when H5 will fail.
  7. Anyone else having fps problems? I can tell im playing at about 25 fps... The screen lag and everything is shit on the new stronghold gametype for me..
  8. Hey guys! While playing with one hand while having the other in a cast. I had only seven fingers available and only 2 on the left hand (thumb and index) I was bored and made something little out of my bad clips/chokes. Hope you enjoy watching! Choke Highlights - Remember it is one handed pretty much
  9. I actually find Halo 5 fun... Although it really isn't like halo.
  10. Ya you did, didn't get to read it though Beyond removed post for no good reason..
  11. Ttitle says it all..Some people are having problems with H2A and lag spikes and make it unplayable. Others just enjoy it more. has the maps and gametypes ready to go if there are enough people interested.
  12. I love all of these editors! Especially my very own Xander <3 Xander Edited My Montage awhile back! He has only gotten better!
  13. By far one of my best and favorite montages because of all the great memories! I know H4 isn't a fan favorite, but please give it a watch! It would mean a lot! Subscribe if you want to see more in the near future! Watch!
  14. Typing this one handed..broke my left hand.. Any fun one handed games? just broke it today in bball..
  15. haha it was a joke why so many harsh downvotes my bros. I am very pissed as well. lmao
  16. You guys should wait about 20 minutes after the patch lmao. Give it at least that.
  17. I wish they would help fix the lag issues with H2A... oh well.. we back.
  18. So far I have only had problems with H2A.. Although people say h3 movement and aiming is messed up.. I like it.
  19. Play H3 on MCC with no problems. Uneven teams every once in awhile and no separate playlists but I get good connection and good luck with h3 on MCC. I don't feel like many people would play h3 on xbox 360 after MCC's release.
  20. I love playing competitive halo, although I haven't been able to play it in so long considering h4 didn't last and H2A I can't even play because of random lag spikes because the game is broken.. I have to go back to be a bad montage kid in H3 on MCC. If anybody wants to play competitive h3 customs just hmu. xbl i Graphic i
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