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  1. Always getting ninja'd/backsmacked is pretty embarrassing. Nothing I can think of worth posting.
  2. Yes. I love TKD. I'm a kicking kind of guy. Major TKD experience helps me when I do Savate. It's a lot easier. Savate and Capoeira are really good combos. I know a girl who does JKD. Seems like a legit MA, and she told me it's all about adapting to the environment. Wing Chun is pretty sick. Two famous people who brought it to fame. I'm looking to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, somewhat similar to Wing Chun, although Wing Chun is quickest whilst standing. Shaolin I feel like is a little more different.
  3. True. Although I keep up with MMA/UFC though.
  4. Not sure if created yet, but Imma do it anyway! New or expert, quit or don't do any discuss Martial Arts here! What styles do you practice and how beneficial is it to you? I'll go first. I achieved my first dan in TKD when I was 15. Been doing it since I was 12. I quit my senior year in high school, I'm 19 now so, roughly 7 years experience in TKD and I loved it. I now box on my own and go sparring at the gym a lot. I also wrestled for 3 years in high school. I am self taught on Muay Thai, Muay Buram and Savate. I have little knowledge of various other MA's such as BJJ and Judo. I regularly keep my knowledge fresh by continuously practicing on my own. It's very dangerous and terrible but I also do underground street fighting. I did it for self defense and a way to relieve stress. It overall helps me in fundamentals in the sports I play What about you?
  5. Doesn't surprise me, really. We are going on into 2015 and Halo is not seeing much light until MCC. But why do I care? Just a bunch of idiots reviewing the worst game of a series that was the epitome and apex of eSports and FPS in its time.
  6. Some random ASUS I ordered a while ago. I use to use ACER but I dislike them now and I currently use those for my computer but I'm going to upgrade to a BenQ for my Xbox and move the ASUS to my computer.
  7. MLG Dallas. As for OP: Halo. I dislike CoD and anything else.
  8. You think that's bad? Ever happen to pair up with a modder and he boosts your XP from 2k to 50k?
  9. He's eventually going to have to or hang up the suit. Even though Cryosleep halts his aging he's theoretically almost 50 or mid 50's, no matter how potent the drugs were a super soldier isn't going to be doing prime acrobatics when they hit 60.
  10. I agree OP, especially on Narrows when people lift and throw a P Drain in TS. Regen is literally just a 50/50. You can throw it out at the last miniscule of your shield and still get 4 shotted, throw it out and AR someone who is ARing you and still lose, beat down someone in a regen and still get beat down with full shields etc. Regen is literally blasphemy IMO.
  11. I'm all over the 206-253 area. I reside in Burien, WA. HMU, GT is Elite BK Here
  12. Looking for some 3's or 2's to run TS or MLG with me to get my 6th 50. GT is Elite BK Here.
  13. tl;dr honestly don't care anymore. You're not understanding my statements here. I never said being strong and muscular is going to make you a shitty athlete or etc. I implied different aspects to why lifting may not benefit you. Bodyweight exercises never has it's drawbacks, and I'm damn sure you can find drawbacks for lifting. Enough said. I also think lifting once a week does for me. Because I constantly work out and my rest days is 1 hour swims, biking sessions and sparring. Besides I don't go to the gym once a week for an hour, I stay for a good 6 hours, hence I also have equipment at home. My diet is very complex and I don't splurge. It doesn't affect you if you don't either.
  14. It's not a myth and I've seen it training with guys I knew before and after they gained. I also have been athletically active since I was 6. Rigourously training since 11 and started lifting at 13. I know the difference. Technically you don't get what I'm stating here. I'm not saying lifting is redundant. I still do it. I have equipment in my own house. I have free membership to a Gym I go to once a week. It depends on how you train the muscle and how you use it. Obviously Arnold when he was in his prime lifting days couldn't run faster than you or me because he was jacked and huge. He clearly had weight holding him back. It's not equivalent to the weight of having a 40 lb sandbag on your back while running but it can feel close to that. Clearly more muscle the better, but how you train it and what you use it for. Weights in all shape and form can be healthy and dangerous to the human body. Calisthenics is no where near that. I'm not going to argue on what's better even though I'm stating body weight exercises are. that's my own opinion. Yours is yours. I recommend both. You mean the Military? When you say Army you're referring to the specific branch. No, it doesn't matter if you need equipment or not. You can't prove how tired a soldier is and how quickly he can break down and give up through lifting. That is self explanatory it just doesn't make sense. Body weight exercises are fundamental to all life. What if you need to push a boulder off yourself or off a comrade, push ups simulate and help just very that. Doing a ruck march with full cammies on and gear for 15 miles trains you to endure being isolated in the battlefield. Lifting can't help that, not ever squats. You have to experience that. That's why the military uses calisthenics. We don't see a Pvt training with a dumbbell above his head hiking with it do we?
  15. It's feeling too much like an android. I am unhappy with my iPhone 5. Several people I know moved to android and never looked back. I might take upon that offer. I'm just not feeling it. It's like CoD. Going in the wrong direction and should've stayed where it was prior.
  16. Monitors are better. They say the Frame rate is less than a TV and it's easier to play on plus because TV's are big you have to look more as compared to a monitor not so much. Competitively a bigger edge IMO, cheaper and nice. I played on several ACERs, but now moved to an ASUS 22". I am going to get a BenQ soon.
  17. I simply meant if you're at that weight of 160 lb or 78 kg then it's a good weight to start out in, although any weight is particularly good to start out in. Heavier weights are best to tone the bulk into muscle. I stopped because I was getting too big, and as a Martial artist and high end athlete, muscle theoretically weighs more than fat and too much makes you slower. One thing I do not want to have when I ship out to boot camp this winter. I'll tire out quicker, but that's my opinion. Train the legs and work on more cardio and it won't matter to you. I have weights at home and once a week will lift, but I do bodyweight exercises because it's full body work out, tones and builds better. To be honest I'm joining the USMC and they don't care if I can bench 700 lbs and squat 700 lbs (that much weight is pretty bad for the skeletal structure). Most training in the military is bodyweight exercises hence "Calisthenics". For example, SEALs don't go to the weight room and come out after BUDs just from lifting. That's true.
  18. I would very much like to own that DMR, thank you. :maven:
  19. Not as hyped than I previously was. Still might check into it though when it airs.
  20. Not necessarily. I wouldn't sign up on Match.com just for a one night stand. You can go to the club, or bar for that, or sign up at heycupid.
  21. It makes perfect sense to me, unless you're illiterate. And yeah, I know.
  22. What you said is what girls move away from, at least the good girls. One thing I've learned in life is that 1 good girl is worth 1000 hos
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