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  1. I honestly never got into the H2 scene early enough, so therefore I didn't know how big rank was then. I wanted to be good at the game and I got my first 50 in TS on my first live account. You get better and better the higher you go. I honestly can look back then and see how better I am now than back then. Legitly getting a 50 meant you tried, and that needed skill. 


    Cutting the story short, I believe ranks are important because it signifies the skill you have, your accomplishments for trying. 



  2. It's because they're bad at it. Call of Duty is just so appealing to fidgety youngsters because it's fast and easy. COD and now Bungie with Destiny too uses sth called instant combat resolution. You get in a fight and will die or get the kill (which usually is very straighforward and doesn't require much work).


    Kids get frustrated when they need to actually think during the game and work hard for the kill. They also get frustrated when the combat ends up a draw with noone dying.


    I should say I'm talking fps kids. Theres a whole other group of gamers who enjoy tactical gaming, like the Starcraft crowd.

    Simply put, this. 


    Although back in the day Halo was bigger than 90% FPS titles out there and everyone talked and loved Halo, now it's between BF and CoD.

  3. Ogre 2 has 31 event wins. Just let the number 31 really sink into your brain, and you tell me how anyone is considered "goat" over him.

    I know how many wins Tom has, but that doesn't change someones opinion on who they view being the GOAT. In fact, I know I'm going to get flamed for this but the Ogre twins are washed, and Pistola is in my eyes a reincarnation of their skill. As said in recent posts, if Halo were to be on the circuit longer, Justin would've passed Tom up. 

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  4. ^ says he has a ''HiGh EnD'' PC


    ^ rarely games on it and is more ''CoMfOrTaBLe'' playing on a V A S T L Y inferior console




    Goddamn that was a healthy laugh












    Got me looking like a fuckin lunatic in my house bruh











    seriously tho, get off your dad's PC before you ruin it kid.

    I think you literally did not read my post, or that you're illiterate. I use it for other means, I also think you turned this thread into an embarrassment for yourself. 

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  5. God shit? Thanks for sharing?


    If you prefer an outdated gaming experience (not to be confused with Retro)


    for which you are currently overpaying for


    that lacks many features available on a cheaper, superior platform


    which is in turn enabling lazy devs to put out mediocre efforts in new IPs & sequels to great series we ALL enjoy


    ...which is holding back gaming as a whole




    than by all means ''bud.'' more power to you.


    It just enables me to look down on you or anyone else who willingly does that exact same foolish thing, and also the power to extract great amusement from it.


    -_-  -_-  -_-  :P  :D  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)



    lol at you trying to push all that subjective bs as facts


    Mouse has much superior precision aiming than joysticks, genius. Thus, naturally it is gonna be easier to BR on a mouse & keyboard - especially if you find it easy to SNIPE (which has a much smaller reticule and less room for error) with a m&kb.


    Regardless of AA for joysticks and shots to kill. 


    Rather, say "In my opinion, i find it hard to BR on M&KB because currently I lack skill at BRing in H2V. So I prefer a controller to aid me in my lack of skillful aiming."


    (There's nothing wrong with your lack of skill.)


    Using m&kb is always going to much more efficient in precision aiming. 


    now go back to h2v

    I use to compete in StarCraft for MLG a while back that's why I have a high end PC, but video editing and gfx design on my level takes a high end CPU as well as GPU. Let alone all the programs I run. A typical $1,000 PC can't do that alone. Not even a i7-4770k CPU runs the shit I do. I had to upgrade to a CPU that cost almost $900. 


    If you want to talk specs then kys kid, I'd shit on you for how much I spend on my gear. 


    I like how hostile you get when people nicely state it's a 50/50 for MCC on PC. 


    Halo was meant to be on Consoles. It was also the start to what MLG is today. I don't even think sundance would have thought MLG Halo would be on PC, hence the nostalgia of playing it on Xbox is unparalleled. Please enlighten me on how great MCC would be on PC?

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    As for my unpopular opinions (I'm ready for the backlash):


    • MLG Columbus '12 proved to me that Reach v7 could be as good as Halo 2 (not saying it was or is, just that it had the potential to be).
    • Pistola is the GOAT, not Ogre 2, and has been since maybe the final year of Reach.
    • Ogre 1 was better than Ogre 2 in H1 & H2.
    • Epitaph with the Shield Doors removed was a good map.
    • Powerhouse was a great map, and the best map in Reach.


    This, I totally agree. 




    I think Team Action Sack in H4 is a pretty good playlist. 

  7. I find competitive gaming for FPS on PCs incredibly hilarious. 


    If it comes to PC, so what? You'll tire out of it within months and go back to playing LoL. 


    I own both Xbox and a high end PC. The only games I play on PC is Runescape. I use it for other types of hobbies that I enjoy. I don't get the same satisfaction playing FPS on PC then I do Xbox. 

  8. You could sell it and get back like a dollar.


    Or you could keep it and use it as a frisbee, a coaster, a wall decoration, a reminder of all the bad in the world, etc.

    Game is trash. I'm on now and I forgot how many 2014 try hards play the game. It makes me miss H3 and H2 even more. A dollar can get me some food though.

  9. yea that's cool it was fun cause in the karate club in my high school my best friend like I said before was a TKD guy, there was another guy who was a mainly a JJJ (Japanese Jiu Jitsu), there was also another kid who was a primary Tang Soo Do and I had my main shotokan and kendo style so we had some pretty interesting sparring sessions. Every time we would spar it would seem like the part in the original TMNT movie were all of the turtles would fight each other (kinda corny but it was funny) considering we all had black belts in different styles and we were all really good friends. 


    Yea JKD just seems pretty legit to know and I've been a major fan of Wing Chun since I saw my first kung fu flick. I would also really like to learn more muy thai as well as ninjitsu. One of my main styles that I really want to pick up too is Tai Chi something about that style just intrigues me to no end. Plus I love the ki/chi aspect of the martial arts as well. 

    Muay Thai is very efficient. I self taught myself in Muay Buram. Defiantly a good kicboxing style 

  10. Props to him. He's actually one of the only pros who are dedicated to Halo no matter the situation it is in currently and still plays it unlike Formal, SnipeDown, Ninja (attempted to) that have tried and achieved pro status in CoD, of all games too. 


    Someone who still tries to keep a dead game alive and manages to do so is definitely a pat on the back from me. 


    Like, there are a few people who aren't pros who stream and play Halo competitively, like Dominator for instance. I absolutely love watching him stream, but Brett goes all out. 







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