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  1. Fou foune is just fun to say. Lemme know how the zwanze stout is, zwanze day in Texas is about a month out.
  2. SoIPAs, stickiest of the icky pale ales will be a new BJCP cat. before they ever get the saison cat fixed.
  3. There are many reasons I chose to have my honeymoon in Portland many moons ago, the sushi, the beer, but mainly just the sex trafficking. I would move there in a heartbeat for a comparable salary.
  4. Choose the dupont and you will join me, choose the bcbs and you will join your mother, in death. Now you don't understand my words, but you must choose.
  5. Allegory of the cave. I keep seeing shadows of a box from bman, but it's not a reality
  6. I'm just giving you shit to give you shit, or farts and whathaveyou
  7. On behalf of all berliners and saisons, I fart in your general direction
  8. It'll make the beer funky, just not acidic. At it's best, it's reminiscent of aged cheese and that indiscernable old barn, musty something. At it's worst, it's like sweaty foot shoes and taint balls.
  9. Delicious, yes. Tart, no. Sourness comes from Lacto and pediobears. Brett adds minimal if any tartness to a beer.
  10. Because why keep something iconic and beautiful in its simplicity? or because AB...
  11. Thanks man! It's by far the best beer i've ever made, everytime I pop a bottle-
  12. you're in socal now. you don't need money, just hitch a ride out to Alpine and trade HJs for pints of Duet.
  13. Put those pearl snaps in the fridge until it's hot outside then double fist them bitches. Now that ABW stuff is in Houston, I'll be killing that by the case this summer. Save that RU55 to share with Thomass.
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