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  1. I agree with this, and I wish the default settings in halo these days was BR start, no radar. Why not start there and build around it? you know?
  2. I think the answer to most of the questions or concerns I'm seeing on here is Time. I understand a lot of points that are being made, but I also feel we should try to explore all the options before defaulting back to no radar, BR starts. What I've come to love in competitive Halo is Teamwork, balanced starts, no radar, and objectives to fight for as a unit. But with that said, I'm willing to try something new. I just want what ever is best for this game. What ever is best for the player experience, and viewing experience. It seems like 343 wants to be like LoL or Counter Strike, where the default of the game is the same at it's casual level as well at competitive. And for good reason, there becomes more attachment to the competitive side from a casual perspective. These are just some of my ideas/observations I have so far. I'm excited to get my hands on Halo 5, and where we go! Long Live Halo
  3. I Created a tweet to support No Radar in Competitive game modes for Halo 5 and HCS. https://twitter.com/TheRealFizzor/status/657585870103560192 As far as everything else I'm really starting to like the balance and flow of Halo 5. BR start in Competitive? Maybe? Anyone have any initial thoughts of H5 after watching people play?
  4. Made a Destiny montage that got featured in this week's weekly update by Bungie. Feel free to let me know what you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbdN0bLQG7Y
  5. lol Couldn't complain, I was getting viewers n built up a following while Halo was unplayable. But I can't leave my roots B)
  6. I hope to find my way into the competitive scene again. I have yet to attend an event in HCS so playing at that level was refreshing. with a little practice I know I'll be great. Had some rough matches today, but I'm not even worried about it honestly. I adapt and learn quick. Ready to play again
  7. Team Name: 10 seconds ahead Winner: 10 seconds ahead Round Number: 2 (3:45) Score: 2 - 1
  8. Awesome! I'll keep planning it out. I'm also down to head out to some LANs if anyone else is hosting We'll prob need help with disks n setups
  9. I'll be on xbc almost every day till h2a comes out
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