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  1. The idea seems awesome, but one thing not mentioned is how would you fail? If there's no possibility to fail it feels pointless. Maybe 3 lives per member of the fire team, the catch being that if one member of your fire team is elminated, your whole fire team fails out. I say this because if it comes down to 2-3 people finishing the game it would be like watching someone play campaign on legendary. It would be too long as there would be a large reliance on cover, which would then make people quit out from watching something stale and extended. On top of that it encourages teamwork to survive. Or maybe you have 35 lives for all 12 people and if that drains the match ends. I never played Destiny so I'm not sure how the raiding of it works but I feel like an element of losing would have to be there.
  2. I really feel as if Breakout plays pretty well and is an amazing switch of pace in the game. It might not feel right because it isn't traditional but the game type is solid as it stands. My one question for you would be, are you playing solo? Because that will make this gametype awful, especially if you don't have teammates with mics. To address your issues: One hit melees, and one hit grenade kills are both things pretty simple to avoid if you correctly take advantage of the new abilities in the game. A majority of the time that I find myself being punched is when I have prematurely used my thrust or sprinted into a bad situation. That goes the same with grenades. Either I have sprinted and traded reaction time for movement speed and in which case I don't have time to move away from the grenade or someone predicted where I would be. If you find yourself getting naded constantly off spawn, choose a different route, too many times do I find that players are stubbornly going to go the same way and they will get naded right away. A thrust is normally all you need to avoid a grenade. If you have already used it, you've made your choice to trade off reaction time for map movement and that's more so an individuals strategy issue. 2 shot BR is perfect to me. It truly acts as a power weapon and provides great map control. Don't challenge the BR guy. Communicate with a teammate so you can shoot him at the same time to take him out. If he's taking you out when outnumbered, that's because your team is getting out played. If anything, I would reduce the clip if people want it nerfed (note the DMR only has one clip) but I wouldn't even do that. 3 shot pistol kill is only if you hit all three had shots. Seems fair to me, in a gametype that is supposed to be faster than average but slower than swat, falling right between the 5sk and 1sk range hits this goal on the head. Not to mention, I've heard way too many pleads for the 3sk pistol back so this is something. As far as objectively focused, I cant see anything working better than flag. Bomb, unless it was a 3 sec cap would be too long for the gameplay intended and would lead to you being shot down guarenteed. Anything that required multiple captures would just wind up with 2 people parading around the map at the end, and most likely lead to one person camping a capture point waiting for the other to come. Flag forces that last person to expose themselves from camping or inevitably lose. With 2 on 1, grabbing the flag not only forces them to react but gives your team the upperhand to locate the enemy and get first shot from one of the two of you or capture and win anyways. If I was to change anything, it would be to limit the duration of camo or remove it all together. Give the gametype a shot but change how you're playing. The maps may be linear but their verticality allows for multiple routes and movements, slide boosting completely changes the game all together adding more complexities to it, and thrust is all you need to avoid one hit kills, don't prematurely use it. I would recommend not sprinting at all because reaction time is crucial. I'm not trying to call you or anyone out, but I feel like people want to change this to something they're more experienced with or used to as opposed to finding strategies that highlight this gametype. As it stands Breakout is a gametype you can come back from 4 games down or win a 1 on 4. You never feel out of it. At the same time, if a team has gotten the number advantage, if they play as a unit there is no way they should lose. Just my thoughts.
  3. Is there any kind of importance towards buying a soundcard when building a pc? I would think its essential to outport sound but its mentioned as an expansion on PC Partpicker. Is sound output handled by something else as well?
  4. Having the extra output would be a bonus. I have a good idea of what I need now, something similar but with 2 more inputs I'm thinking. Either 6x4 or 8x4. Ive also considered a 6x2, splitting the two outputs. Then having one end of each split running to its respective TV and the other end running into a 2x1 switch which would output to my cap card. I'm just a little nervous I might lose some signal quality. Thanks for the help!
  5. I was hoping to avoid having to get all those splitters because that crossed my mind as well. If I was to get a 4x4 switch, could I not accomplish what I want, or is it impossible to have for say my xbox one go through two outputs and a wii u out the third leaving the fourth empty. I'm not to sure the difference between a splitter and a switch I guess to know if this is possible.
  6. I kind of understand what you are saying here but I don't believe it will do what I want, if I'm wrong correct me. I would plug all of my consoles into the switch. The switch only has one output, so I could only output one source/console correct? Then with the splitter I would be able to stream and have 2 tvs with the same game, but with this set up there'd be no way for me to have one console on one tv and one console on the other, correct? Surge protector looks good, though I have never understood what those metal prongs/screws are at the end, they look like old tv cable connectors. Do you know of any good surge protectors where I have the option to supply power to a certain screen/console. I know at school they would have a surge protect at each computer stations that would have a master power button, but then would have the ability to supply power to one screen or another, or the PC. This isn't essential to what I want to do, I just don't know if it would be better than just a regular surge protector. Thanks for the help!
  7. I was hoping someone here could help me design my set up or give me some ideas! What I am looking to do is hook up multiple gaming consoles with the ability to interact with 2 separate tvs as well as stream. Here’s my idea: I would hook up my Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, Wii U and would like room for up to 6-8 total devices to input into an HDMI splitter. From that splitter I want 3 outputs, one to TV A(which is my smaller screen), one to TV B (the big screen), and the last one to stream (I have an AverMedia Cap card). I would like the ability to have, lets say my Xbox One streaming, being played on TV A and TV B or have my Xbox One on TV A and my PS4 on TV B and streaming. Basically, I want whichever device I choose to be able to be displayed through 1 or all of the outputs. Does anyone know if this is possible? Do you have any suggestions into what type of switch/splitter I would need? Do you have an idea of a better way to go about this? Additionally, since I am looking to hook up so many consoles, I want them to be safe. Is there a good surge protector/power source that would make sure my consoles don’t get damaged? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. This list address a majority of the problems I had with the Beta, from crouch jumping making me ground pound, to weapon visibility, to base player speed, etc. But a lot of 343s lists address my issues and never really seem to come to fruition.
  9. I am, but i did not get a message. I have to get to bed for work tomorrow, but if you have the time tomorrow evening, or any other evening this week I'd like to go over things. I have been told Illinois is instituting a state sales tax on online orders Feb. 1st :/ So I was trying to get everything ordered in before then
  10. Maybe in that case its best to get that program and stream that way for PC and run a capture card like aver for console games? I'm just curious how the lag is in that scenario on PC - I'd assume it be minimal as can be but I'm not sure. Also, how that would affect a layout on a stream? My only streaming experience comes from what Xbox One offers and a failed attempt with an old Roxio I think it was so sorry for all the questions
  11. Well at the moment I am going to build a pc, me and a friend are picking out parts now. Is the option of say an internal cap card built into the pc, that i can also hook consoles up to better? If so would a certain model be better? I am looking to stream between my pc, wii u, and xbox one. Other old consoles in the future as well like the N64, original xbox, but I can always by cord converters for those.
  12. Hey thanks a lot man, I read through this post on an another forum as well, but I had a couple questions. When you say the Elgato has a built in hdmi pass through, do i still need two hdmi chords? For an HDMI splitter for the Aver does it have to be a powered one? Is that a thing? Lastly, with the Aver can I capture PC games? (If so how?) Thanks man
  13. Yea, that the vibe I've been starting to pick up from other reviews as well. Which is surprising because when you look up game streaming the Elgato HD60 is the first to come up. Thank you!
  14. Thanks, the overlay is something I want to do. I think I've read as many people complaining about elgato as I've seen people saying its the best so its been quite confusing. Knowing that its an extra $600 to even have the ability to create an overlay is enough for me to stay away from it.
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