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  1. Glad to see liquid and OpTic get the last spots. Big OpTic fan, but danoxide was destroying that series and main reason they were even in it. He will make noise in the challenger league. Could see him teaming with the big names that didn't make it in.
  2. Any idea as to times for the matches today. It's mothers day but want to watch the OpTic matches at least
  3. Haven't checked on here in a bit. Can anyone post the supposedly or confirmed new teams. Also what's up with optic, they make being a fan hard
  4. At the venue when royal 2 came out and saw bracket and was like wtf
  5. My sister researched all the places to go. I say as team beyond we have a Sunday dinner to celebrate the beginning of our comeback
  6. So people recommended two places to eat. 1 is Marios Peruvian Place which is down the street. 2 is Astro Burger which is halfway close to the venue
  7. How close is thus hotel to event, I heard it was. But didn't research it lol
  8. So I hear about this dude named dany Knight, but didn't his team get eliminated and didn't make world's?
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