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  1. Hey dudes Haven't posted here in years and was just wondering, can we expect a decent population/scene (providing 343 doesn't 343) upon release? I just opened both the Halo 2 and halo 3 PC mods to sort of gage the hype surrounding this, but tbh there weren't too many people playing either game... Maybe people are playing MCC more, I gave my xbox away so idk. I'll probably buy it either way, but I'm curious to know your predictions on whether there'll be another Halo boom or not
  2. unheeding

    Film Discussion

    No one saw Climax? MOTY for me
  3. Do you think changing a few words to "just a song" is their endgame? You do not want to give these people an inch. Every time people react with "who cares, it's just X", they gain more authority, and they will keep encroaching until it becomes illegal for your kid's science teacher to say there are only 2 genders.
  4. please just nuke us already or let us borrow Trump for a few days you ungrateful fucks
  5. unheeding

    Film Discussion

    random ass shout-outs I've rewatched lately because I haven't seen shit in 2017 (first will probably be The Killing Of A Sacred Deer this weekend) Kontroll (2003), Tape (2001), Murmur of The Heart (1971), A Bittersweet Life (2005), Timecrimes (2007), Why Don't You Play In Hell (2013), Drowning By The Numbers (1988), Le Voyage En Douce (1980), Loves Exposure (2008), Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001)
  6. Anyone who talks to their mom like that should get the rope tbh Also fuck twitch chat for cheering him on
  7. I'll be building my new rig by next week, what does the population look like for this?
  8. unheeding

    Film Discussion

    lmao I imagine that would be taking from the dogme aspect quite a bit subtitles are cool tbh, and nothing is more distracting than out of sync audio/lips
  9. "I'm the shit like I slithered in poo" >>>>>>>> you know the dudes that comment in youtube videos shit like lil wayne is trash, hiphop died with 2pac, eminem only real rapper... im sure thats like 80% of hopsins fanbase I agree tho he gets too much hate, but imo that hate is only proportional to the undeserved praise he receives from his fans
  10. I'll put it this way; when H5 dropped, I gave away my Xb1 to my friend and bought a Wii... Game is awful by Halo standards and if you have no shot at winning decent money playing it, I don't know how anyone who's been around since the trilogy can support this poor man's Halo made by this atrocious dev (buying an xb1 would be worth it if MCC wasn't in the pathetic state it's in.) There are a lot of competitive games one can pick up and where you don't have to get frustrated by all the H5 and 343 bullshit. (I mostly play Quake Live and SSBM now). btw if you want to build a computer that's in the same price range while actually being more powerful than any console, check out the pcmasterrace subreddit edit: not sure if this is common knowledge or not but, never buy a "gaming" PC (i.e. wasted $$ on an i7 when gaming doesn't benefit from it), build it yourself there's nothing intimidating about it, PC parts were made to be put together by the average person.
  11. didn't feel attacked, I meant get a grip as in come back to reality they all just want that 2mil. Obviously we can't speak for the man but I think that saying he'd rather coach the best team than go back to the drawing board is just basic common sense.
  12. I mean, it's a great game by console FPS standards, but if you compare it to other Halo games it's ok at best. But that's off topic, I was just trying to make a point lol nvm
  13. lol get a grip. He'd rather coach the best team than go F/A and pray he lands in a top 8 roster, bet that. Hell, maybe he wouldn't even be playing this mediocre version of Halo if it wasn't for the prize pool.
  14. I don't know how CLG could do 2gre like that. They should've just kicked their coach instead and ask 2gre to take that spot with Lethul being the new 4th. I just want him to get that money
  15. unheeding

    Film Discussion

    Just watched Filantropica (2002), awesome Romanian drama/comedy, reminded me of After Hours in a way

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