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  1. These are the type of kids I’ll kill in their base, but then when they spawn they just aimlessly hold forward with almost no recollection I had just killed them right around the corner. I’m not sure why we listen to their opinions.
  2. Okay, I exclusively browse this site on mobile, which I assume plenty of others around here do so as well. I don’t have the time or energy to effortpost like some do, however it isn’t very difficult to proof read real quick and make sure the point I’m making is concise and without possibility of being misunderstood.
  3. Top notch content, it was a pleasure to watch. We need more of this.
  4. I know dude, the irony is just tasty tbh How old are you? I’m just curious. Your writing is definitely not as adequate as you might think it is. I’m not trying to talk shit or anything of the sort, I’m just being honest and impartial with you.
  5. There’s a whole ass battle going on. Its pretty wild. Too bad the map itself is actual poop.
  6. They really need to add veto. I’ve played slayer on Batlle Canyon at least 70% of the matches in Reach hardcore.
  7. Wow, Hardway. How dare you have a life outside of Halo?
  8. +1 exp per win needs to come back. It’s the best progression system of any Halo and I’ll stand by that till I die. This current system is utterly useless and unrewarding; the only thing I like are the rank symbols and that’s not saying much. That said, it’s still better than what we had before.
  9. If they made BTB AR starts I would never play it again. I don’t even wanna play FFA anymore because of AR starts. These ****** AR kids would play one match of BTB AR starts and as soon as the other team monopolizes the DMRs and Needle Rifles and proceed to snowball, they'd realizes how asinine it was to even suggest anything other than DMR starts.
  10. It still looks strange not seeing “+11 cR” every time I get a headshot in Matchmaking. lol
  11. The biggest show of 343’s incompetence is that they still have not addressed the AFK issue, which is as simple a fix as getting rid of rolling matchmaking and/of kicking players for extended inactivity.
  12. Yeah the color palette was definitely lackluster, as were a lot of the disc maps. Funny enough it had some of the best DLC maps in the franchise imo. To me, specialist is what made that game worthwhile.
  13. Really? I know a lot of people who really didn’t like it at all for essentially being an MW2 clone but worse.
  14. What an underrated CoD, honestly. To go off topic for a second.
  15. I should have been a bit more specific. I wasn’t suggesting that all Halo 3 needed was a vertical option and it would be straight. Obviously its whole aiming system was fucked and needed a rework; hence modern aiming. I was just talking in general as far as aiming options are concerned.
  16. I for the life of me cannot understand why they just won’t add a veto system already.
  17. All I ever asked for was an option for vertical. As for modern aiming, that was only needed for Halo 3 imo.
  18. Funny, I aim just fine in every Halo game, as I did in the Halo 5 beta. Are you gonna deny there is a huge problem with the aiming? Like Boyo said, the fact there is a plethora of options is a problem in of itself.
  19. Reach is soo smooth without the film grain and motion blur. For a 9-year-old game it holds up graphically. If I didn’t know, you could tell me it was an Xbox One game and I’d believe you.
  20. I cannot aim for shit in that game. I hopped on MCC Reach for the first time today and my aim is pretty on point, so I know I’m not garbage or anything. H5’s aiming is just a straight up joke lmao
  21. Also, I forgot how traaaaash the aiming is, jesus christ. No wonder I uninstalled lol
  22. Throwing more money at an already broken system of educating people won’t change anything; its a banaid fix at best. We could give 343 a billion dollar budget and they’d still put out a trash game in all likelihood.
  23. Players who wants AR starts are a reminder of why democracy is garbage.

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