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  1. Did they remove the jump delay from CE on PC or something? I just purchased a wire to plug my controller in, and in my first CE match I noticed instantly.
  2. It’d be really sick if they’d put the Sandbox maps at a lower weighting in BTB. Ive played a shitty Sandbox map four matches in a row and if I have to play another I’m Straight up uninstalling this game. Why, oh why, do they REFUSE to implement a veto system?
  3. I would be shocked if an HCS Halo 5 tourney could muster more than a thousand concurrent viewers at this point. There is zero interest left in that game, and I know I wouldn’t bother watching another second of that game.
  4. Fair enough. I guess we’ll have to see. If AMD’s Big Navi is as good as its being hyped up to be, it’ll stir some competition in the GPU market, which only benefits the consumer.
  5. Search up the leaked specs. Might be wrong about the 3060 but I can say with certainty that the 3070 will be a better card for roughly half the cost. This generation of cards is slated to be the biggest leap in performance between generations in some years. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks.
  6. If you’re considering a 2070 SUPER, I would recommend just waiting for RTX 3000, which should be releasing within the next month or two. 3070 will be more powerful and power efficient than the 2080 Ti, and is rumored to be about the same price as the 2070S. Even the 3060 will be about as powerful as the 2080 Ti and around $400.
  7. It’s funny looking back at H5 HCS, because despite the game being garbage (IMO) and not being at all fun to play, it truly was very entertaining to watch. Weekly Pro League matches; Lethul leaving EG for CLG then losing to his former team at XGames; OpTic buying CLG was absolutely wild; so many excellent viewing experiences, rivalries, championship series, bracket resets, etc. I really do miss it, especially considering the drought we’re going through right now.
  8. My expectations somehow went down, which was already below zero after the reveal.
  9. I’ve been saying it’s the worst COD to date since the week of its launch and people were saying I’m crazy. Map design is piss poor, and the removal of the classic radar just results in UAV becoming a clutch kill streak and Ghost a clutch perk. Not to mention the SBMM that turns every single match into a sweat fest where everybody plays like their life depends on it if you’re even a halfway decent player. There are a plethora of issues but those are the main ones that grind my gears.
  10. We must seize the means of Halo’s production, comrades. Only then will there be a Halo game that the fans will truly enjoy.
  11. And sorry to doublepost, but Favyn back with great commentary and feedback per usual.
  12. This explains so much. No wonder Infinite in particular is looking like a scrambled together mess with no clear direction. Five years and half a billion dollars produces what we saw last Tuesday? Only a broken management and poor organization of labor and resources could ever produce the utter trash and mediocrity that 343 has been so great at delivering.
  13. Yeah this would honestly be ideal. To add to the EXP progression system, they really need to bring that back per playlist as well as a global military rank. And if we’re gonna bring back the match composer (hopefully) there’d be a rank per game type (so you could be, say, a commander in slayer, a captain in CTF and a major in assault, for example). I also really liked how in Halo 3, your global rank was tied to your highest skill achieved (so you’d have to reach level 20 to be a captain, 30 to be a major, and so on). This would allow us to bring back the Golden Bar of Shame, so we’d have something to make fun of people for haha. Another idea I had was incorporating Reach’s credit system. So one could still earn cR for in-game performance, completing challenges, and earning commendations, which would allow the player to unlock cosmetics. However, unlike Reach, you cant just simply purchase whatever you could afford, but would first have to unlock it, through achievements or commendations. So for example, unlocking the Scout shoulders would require the player to earn the achievement of splattering someone with a mongoose in a ranked FFA (using Halo 3’s achievement as an example) which, upon completion, would then allow the player to purchase the shoulders for however much cR it costs, say 40,000 cR. This would make unlocking armor much more satisfying and challenging like in Halo 3, but still allow for the cR currency earned from in-game performance that people seemed to enjoy from Reach. Any thoughts? It’s something I’ve thought of quite a bit, and I think it combines the best elements of both games.
  14. 343 is truly the GOATS at subverting my expectations in the worst kind of ways.
  15. It doesn’t help that the BR shoots blanks half the time.
  16. I wouldn’t blame him if he’s just done at this point. Only thing keeping me around at this point is curiosity to see what the multiplayer will be like. If I’m not impressed, I’m pretty much done for good. 5 strikes and you’re out, 343 lmao
  17. Why do they insist on replacing iconic weapon designs? That shotgun looks like a generic ass shotgun from literally any military shooter. This company is so untalented and uninspired, man.
  18. If they had opted for Unreal 4 instead of building a new engine from the ground up, they would have had a much better, nicer looking, and easier to work with engine and saved a lot of time, money, and resources. What a gigantic waste.
  19. Coworker says to me, “hey are you okay? You seem down today?” Infinite reveal really did ruin my day.
  20. I don’t see anything ever topping the MCC disaster. But half a billion dollar budget five years into development and this is what they have to show for it? Goddammit, 343 might just outdo themselves!
  21. Not to get political, but the fact it cost $500 million to put out this lackluster product makes me even more anti-capitalist LMAO Literally anything else would have been a better use of money.
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