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  1. I’d like to see playable Elites come back and have an Invasion-esque gametype with higher player counts and AI. Imagine.
  2. If they botch this for a third time, this franchise is done for, man. PC players will not put up with garbage, and if their introduction to Halo on PC is trash, not very many of them will stick around and see what Infinite has to offer. I don’t see how they can have everything together and polished up in less than a month.
  3. Ice, I really am thunderstruck as to why you’re even here. You dislike just about every aspect of Halo, from the multiplayer, power weapons, the story, etc. It seems the only thing you like is that Halo 4 and 5 have a utility that shoots straight... despite the clusterfuck of issues those games have, both in multiplayer, campaign, and social features.
  4. Can we not do this same drawn out argument all over again? The same points on both sides are gonna be made, no consensus reached, and I’ll have to read essays on essays by IcePrincess. A small part of me almost hopes Infinite will be the final nail in the coffin so we can all move on. I know this slow death of our favorite franchise has been legitmately hard on pretty much all of us because for many, Halo was such an integral part of our childhood and encompasses a ton of our favorite memories, gaming or otherwise. This is so sad to watch, because it didn’t need to be this way.
  5. Agreed 100%. Every great game-changing multiplayer has been developed by small scale, focused teams with a unified vision. Giant corporate boards designing games based on player focus groups and market data ruin their own product. Not to make it political or anything, but this is how capitalism erodes quality over time; the motive to maximize profit at all costs tends to conflict with maximizing quality. This is true especially for video games. We are in late-stage gaming, boys.
  6. Nobody actually “desires sprint” because all the die hard fans who say they either want or don’t mind sprint will buy any game with Halo in the title, regardless of whether or not sprint is present.
  7. Beyond Semantics should be the new name for this site.
  8. I used to think Arlong was really Fix Aiming. I am now convinced he is definitely his own entity. But deep down, I’d like to believe it is possible that Arlong really is Fix Aiming, and Supermelee24 and the man behind these profiles is simply the most dedicated and sophisticated troll of all time.
  9. Take it a step further. Let’s blindfold all the players and see how good they really are without being able to rely on their eye sight. Now that would be godly.
  10. Specialist, terrible maps, long ass kill times. Lackluster zombies, no campaign. I don’t have one friend irl who continued playing after like 2 months from its launch. And I have a lot of friends who play CoD.
  11. I would prefer if Prometheans instead disappeared from Halo entirely.
  12. This x1000. I absolute hate the announcements in Halo 4 and 5. The only good ones are the hail mary and perrrfect. Definitely medals I think should stay. The old medals need to come back as well. Each and every medal was unique but still looked like it belonged in Halo. All the new medals have that same blue and silver template and are just ugly.
  13. I actually find myself excited to play some Reach at 60FPS without motion blur on the maps and gametypes that I never really got to play, on better settings with a good progression system. Plus ranked ZBNS and Invasion is gonna be godsend. I really hope they don’t royally fuck this up somehow. I just wanna play some Halo that isn’t straight up broken and has something that incentivizes grind.
  14. Okay. So sprint was originally planned. By your own logic, sprint being in Halo is just “following original plans through.” Also, not like anyone praises Wetwork as being a landmark BTB map. The rocks were pretty much a nonfactor. I’ve played quite a few matches and almost nobody ever shoots them down.
  15. Sprint was also planned for Halo 2. I guess sprint belongs in the franchise after all, guys. Guess we can pack up and go home.
  16. I do recall the Golden Triangle of the classic Halo experience being high bullet magnetism, hitmarkers, and grenade indicators.
  17. If they brought back all the fun social features like a robust file share and file browser, clan system, server browser, party up, and mod support, I’m certain the franchise could at least become relevant again. Obviously, the first priority is a game that’s fun and plays like a traditional Halo game. We can debate the specific nitty gritty details surrounding gameplay, but advanced mobility Halo will never ever be popular. It’s pretty clear most people want classic movement back. I was working midnights at a 7-Eleven for a few months and every single time someone recognized my Halo tattoo, we would have this exact conversation. This occurred at least 2 or 3 nights per week So even randos I meet in person want the franchise to return to its roots.

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