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  1. Also, I forgot how traaaaash the aiming is, jesus christ. No wonder I uninstalled lol
  2. Throwing more money at an already broken system of educating people won’t change anything; its a banaid fix at best. We could give 343 a billion dollar budget and they’d still put out a trash game in all likelihood.
  3. Players who wants AR starts are a reminder of why democracy is garbage.
  4. Yeah like getting the godsend ZBNS only to get smacked in the face by The 4 just a few short months later.
  5. The stuff they’re adding to Reach’s forge looks awesome. Hopefully they can overhaul Halo 3’s forge in a similar way.
  6. Yeah, just recently downloaded Modern Warfare and the SBMM becomes very apparent rather quickly. Every game is a sweatfest with people going 15-8, 17-10, etc. If you don’t run an M4 with the Olympia and camp with claymore you’re pretty much at a giant disadvantage. Everybody’s jump shotting and playing like they have an audience watching them. Back in the day, you could hop on and just about every lobby had 1-2 rather skilled players on each team and the rest of everybody were either scrubs or just average. This allowed one to experiment with weapons that weren’t as good, and grind for camps and what not. Having that one other good player on the other team made for a fun experience. The same was true for Halo until recently. I know for a fact that everybody didn’t just suddenly become gods at video games; most people are either kinda bad or average at best. I’m what I like to think of as an above average player, but cannot seem to have any fun because every single match I’m playing against people who nonstop grind the game because my first few matches I play rather well and the MM system decides to just hand me lobbies filled with these types ad nauseam. Fuck skill-based matchmaking lol
  7. I’d like to see playable Elites come back and have an Invasion-esque gametype with higher player counts and AI. Imagine.
  8. If they botch this for a third time, this franchise is done for, man. PC players will not put up with garbage, and if their introduction to Halo on PC is trash, not very many of them will stick around and see what Infinite has to offer. I don’t see how they can have everything together and polished up in less than a month.
  9. Ice, I really am thunderstruck as to why you’re even here. You dislike just about every aspect of Halo, from the multiplayer, power weapons, the story, etc. It seems the only thing you like is that Halo 4 and 5 have a utility that shoots straight... despite the clusterfuck of issues those games have, both in multiplayer, campaign, and social features.
  10. Can we not do this same drawn out argument all over again? The same points on both sides are gonna be made, no consensus reached, and I’ll have to read essays on essays by IcePrincess. A small part of me almost hopes Infinite will be the final nail in the coffin so we can all move on. I know this slow death of our favorite franchise has been legitmately hard on pretty much all of us because for many, Halo was such an integral part of our childhood and encompasses a ton of our favorite memories, gaming or otherwise. This is so sad to watch, because it didn’t need to be this way.
  11. Agreed 100%. Every great game-changing multiplayer has been developed by small scale, focused teams with a unified vision. Giant corporate boards designing games based on player focus groups and market data ruin their own product. Not to make it political or anything, but this is how capitalism erodes quality over time; the motive to maximize profit at all costs tends to conflict with maximizing quality. This is true especially for video games. We are in late-stage gaming, boys.

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