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  1. Ah, I meant -1 for a quit, not a loss. That changes the whole meaning of what I was trying to convey.
  2. I still maintain an H3-style EXP progression system that awards +1 for a win, and -1 for a quit (even in social) is the best method to decentivize quitting. It awards sticking it out till the end. There were plenty of times playing Halo 3 back in the day where I wanted to quit after falling behind early in the game, only to prevail in the end simply because I did not want to lose any EXP. Pair this with a Reach-style quit probation and I think we’ll see a drastic decrease in quitters while promoting a fun grind that aids in longevity.
  3. Haha, no. The videos are published by Tommy Kost. I just share his videos here because he is one of the few competent and consistent Halo YouTubers who actually understands the problems with Halo and offers solutions to these problems, many of which us around here have been articulating for years.
  4. When success is defined strictly in terms of profit, then Halo 4 was a success. With how repetitive, unbalanced, and P2W Warzone is, I would hardly consider it a “success.”
  5. Favyn is back with based commentary as always.
  6. Halo is the only franchise I have consistently purchased and followed since I got my 360 all the way back in ‘08. If this game doesn’t deliver, I’m pretty much done with gaming, period. I bought my 360 for Halo 3 and I bought my Xbone for MCC. No other game has brought the same amount of fond memories and raw memories like Halo has, whether it was playing with strangers online or playing 4-player splitscreen with some friends. I haven’t been hyped for a CoD game in some years, and most single player games are only fun for a few weeks, so I can never justify the purchase to myself and therefore can’t really get hyped for them. To me, Halo is gaming, and for almost a decade it has been nothing but disappointment. And I’m getting real tired of it, as many of you are. My fingers are crossed for something to look forward to today, but I would be straight stupid to hold my breath.
  7. Yeah. Because nobdoy asked for advanced movement in Halo.. lol
  8. No, its because when people want to play a HALO game, they want to play a game that plays, looks and sounds like a Halo. Halo 5 doesn’t meet that criteria. Every single one of my friends who still play Halo gave up on that game after a month and returned it. And that’s because its the antithesis of a fun Halo experience.
  9. Well, when the base game is trash... lol
  10. I definitely appreciate military ranks coming back for progression, but I would prefer progression be based on wins like Halo 3’s xp system. I also think bringing back xp per playlist/gamemode would give this game a lot more replayable and longevity. I still think Halo 3 and Reach’s system could coexist, with Reach’s progression credits being used to buy cosmetics like armor, firefight voice, armor effect, etc. which also allows the use of daily and weekly challenges, as well as commendations to come into play. This is what I would love to see come to Infinite, but I don’t have my hopes high that it will be a very good game. At least if MCC on PC can conjure up an experience with lots of replayability and longevity, I can be at peace knowing there is still some fun Halo experience that I can go and play.
  11. I’ve wondered the same thing for years. It’s gotta be a function of IQ or something. I have a friend I’ve known for years, and no matter how much of any game we’ve played he just never progresses in skill. It really does make you scratch your head.
  12. Tommy Kost out here with easily some of the best and most important Halo content.

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