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  1. Imagine getting upset by negative internet points on a forum with like twenty active people.
  2. These are the people who care more about Spartan dress-up, playable Elites, and dual-wielding than gameplay mechanics. Are we really surprised?
  3. The only thing bad about CE’s movement is the jump delay, which as far as I can see is pretty much gone when I play on PC. Even with the jump delay, its movement is far better than Reach’s, and as far as gunplay, it’s not even a contest.
  4. Uploaded earlier today. Thought it was worth sharing.
  5. It’s hilarious to think that with Halo 1-3, customization increased in depth, but with Halo 4-Infinite, customization has only gotten worse. CE only had primary armor color; H2 introduced secondary armor color and emblem, as well as playable elites; H3 introduced different armor types for both Spartans and Elites, as well tertiary armor color; Reach introduced visor color, secondary helmet attachment, knee pads, wrist, utility, and armor effect. On the other hand, H4 reduced the number of available emblems, and limited armor customization to helmet, shoulders, chest, legs, arms and visor color, and took away some of the cooler options that Reach added like armor effect and firefight voice, not to mention taking away playable elites; H5 severely limited emblem customization, and armor was limited to helmet, body and visor color. And now, they’re seriously putting armor color behind a paywall. This company never seizes to floor me. Are we really calling them 342 now? Because I’m all about it.
  6. Did they remove the jump delay from CE on PC or something? I just purchased a wire to plug my controller in, and in my first CE match I noticed instantly.
  7. It’d be really sick if they’d put the Sandbox maps at a lower weighting in BTB. Ive played a shitty Sandbox map four matches in a row and if I have to play another I’m Straight up uninstalling this game. Why, oh why, do they REFUSE to implement a veto system?
  8. I would be shocked if an HCS Halo 5 tourney could muster more than a thousand concurrent viewers at this point. There is zero interest left in that game, and I know I wouldn’t bother watching another second of that game.
  9. Fair enough. I guess we’ll have to see. If AMD’s Big Navi is as good as its being hyped up to be, it’ll stir some competition in the GPU market, which only benefits the consumer.
  10. Search up the leaked specs. Might be wrong about the 3060 but I can say with certainty that the 3070 will be a better card for roughly half the cost. This generation of cards is slated to be the biggest leap in performance between generations in some years. We’ll know for sure in a few weeks.
  11. If you’re considering a 2070 SUPER, I would recommend just waiting for RTX 3000, which should be releasing within the next month or two. 3070 will be more powerful and power efficient than the 2080 Ti, and is rumored to be about the same price as the 2070S. Even the 3060 will be about as powerful as the 2080 Ti and around $400.
  12. It’s funny looking back at H5 HCS, because despite the game being garbage (IMO) and not being at all fun to play, it truly was very entertaining to watch. Weekly Pro League matches; Lethul leaving EG for CLG then losing to his former team at XGames; OpTic buying CLG was absolutely wild; so many excellent viewing experiences, rivalries, championship series, bracket resets, etc. I really do miss it, especially considering the drought we’re going through right now.
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