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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. All I want to play is Matchmaking since the custom browser honestly sucks and there's no way to filter gametypes out.
  2. If half your team quits and you quit out, you're not penalized. I do agree that the quit ban is ridiculous and makes people not wanna play.
  3. I’m confident that if you put me in an executive position overseeing Halo’s development that I could make it a popular game game, and I think this applies to a good number of us here.
  4. I’m really glad someone brought this up. This is something that has bothered me a lot since Halo 4, not to mention the ugly 343 medals. I think Halo 3 and Reach got the announcer recordings down perfect and they should have just been left alone. Reach had the best-looking medals, in my opinion, with the way they looked all war torn.
  5. If the multiplayer wasn’t free, I honestly probably wouldn’t bother buying this game. But since it’s free-to-play and cross platform between Xbox and PC, I am looking forward to trying it out with my buddies. I was one of the first of all my friends to play Fortnite during the very first season, and I was able to get a lot of people into the game solely because it was FTP and there was no barrier to entry to try the game out. If Infinite is casual fun, and features decent matchmaking, progression, customization (both for the individual player as well as game settings), with an improved Forge and custom game browser, plus a robust theatre mode (can we please get a true improvement to Halo 3’s? It’s pathetic that the first game to feature it, which launched in 2007, still has the best iteration) I can honestly see this game being able to retain a healthy player base, certainly well beyond what Halo 4 and 5 were able to achieve. I’m definitely looking forward to at least trying the beta later this summer.
  6. I still think an H3-like progression system where EXP is rewarded one-per-win and is lost via quitting would do a lot to mitigate people leaving matches. If it were up to me, quitting would result in minus 2 EXP, which would pretty much negate your last two wins, and of course could affect your overall rank if enough quits were accumulated. I also didn’t mind Reach’s quit probation system where if you quit out of enough matches over a 24-hour period, it would result in a 48-hour (or however long it lasted) probation where if you quit out of a match, you’d be banned from matchmaking for ten minutes, but only ever ten minutes and nothing more no matter how many times you quit. I think if you combined these two things with a vote-to-surrender option as well as the ability to rejoin a match after being disconnected, the quitting issue would more or less be solved.
  7. Bro the people on Waypoint and Reddit care more about Spartan dress-up and the ability to play as a dinosaur, their opinions on sandbox and game design is meaningless. If you wanna pander to their sensibilities, have fun making a game who’s population declines drastically in a month. Games these days are designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and there are psychologists who help add features that keep people addicted. Popular =\= “good.”
  8. Again, this is a fallacy. Often times, what is popularity is bad. But the popularity or lack thereof of any given position says nothing about its truth value. You’re making the argument that since Halo 5’s sandbox is popular (which is a questionable claim at best, one which you have yet to substantiate) it must be good, because, in your own words, “what is popular is usually good.” But you first have to demonstrate that what is popular is good, but you’re claiming that X is good because it’s popular. Can’t you see the circular nature of your reasoning here? This is why you’re not taken seriously.
  9. I’ve seen you make countless appeals to majority/popularity. “Well most people like X, so it’s fine.” “Most people disagree with you, so you’re wrong.” Etc.
  10. What even constitutes “over criticizing?” If you advance an argument from ignorance and commit all sorts of fallacies, don’t be surprised when someone points this out. Part of argumentation is pointing out the flaws in the other person’s position and undermining it. If you can’t handle criticism then keep your mouth shut.
  11. I’ve never seen anybody get so needlessly defensive on a forum. It’s especially funny because this is a forum of like ten active people discussing a dying franchise. That said, you’ve proven to be willfully ignorant time and time again. You put forth baseless arguments that cannot be substantiated beyond “I like it” then proceed to commit all sorts of fallacies. When someone points out the lack of depth in your understanding of basic game design, or critiques your flawed reasoning, you lash out at them. Nobody expects you to know every single little thing about the nuances of Halo, but if you’re going to engage in a discussion regarding its design, it’s expected you put some effort into actually understanding the game before trying to argue with people. I don’t know all that much about game design. I’ve never taken part in game development, nor have I put in any time into developing and testing settings. And that’s OK. But this is why I don’t engage in arguments here, but instead choose to lurk and listen to others who clearly know more than I, because that’s how you learn. You, on the other hand, choose to derail discussion by putting forth arguments that you clearly have not put any thought into. As an observer, it’s incredibly annoying. Ice Princess may have clogged up the forum with walls of text, but at least she was capable of articulating relatively coherent arguments that were at times worth considering, even if many of those arguments would at times derail discussion.
  12. Agent Under Fire is so underrated.
  13. I respect the argument put forth. Based on your parameters for what should qualify as a ranked playlist, I don’t have much of a counter argument. Lone Wolves is more of a preference for me personally, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if FFA was limited to a social Rumble Pit setting.
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