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  1. Does anyone know if it’s too late to purchase a spectator pass at UGC STL?
  2. Saying “yikes” doesn’t strengthen your position at all.
  3. If you don’t like map pickups, I honestly don’t understand why you even play HALO then...
  4. I’m just glad we can finally exercise some control over the settings/game that being competed on. Can you imagine how much better competitive Halo 5 would have been if we had control over the HCS settings? There would have been no auto, radar, spartan charge, ground pound, etc. from day one, and I guarantee that viewership and team participation would have been much higher, and orgs would have likely stuck around longer as a result. I have no issue with devs being in control of competitive settings so long as they actually understand the game. It was clear 343 and ESL had no idea what they were doing, and the competitive scene suffered because of it. I know we’re in a bit of a situation right now where the future of Halo esports is kind of uncertain, but I am confident that if we can keep the momentum going after UGC STL, 2019 will be the best year for Halo in a long time. Grassroots is the best thing to happen to the scene since NBNS, imo. If 343 doesn’t deliver a classic experience with Infinite they will have derailed all momentum gained from this. I’m really praying that they don’t screw this up, because that will be the final nail in the coffin for this franchise.
  5. Absolutely melting kids. https://mobile.twitter.com/MLGACE/status/1073786338367991810
  6. Postums has me blocked and I have literally never tweeted anything to him...
  7. Just finished watching. They definitely accomplished their goal of “experiential escalation” of watching the trailer for the first time. It also seems they’re on the right track with bringing back that sense of wonder and exploration that was so prevalent in CE. I see the elements of the “soft reboot” that was being talked about shortly after the game was announced at E3. Also those renders of the Master Chief helmet were absolute
  8. Unscoped weapons allow you to recloak with camo faster when you redraw them.
  9. It’s fine that you love every single game in the series and will continue to buy every game that has Halo in the title. However, it is undeniable that since Reach, franchise popularity has been plummeting. Every person I know who had an Xbox before 2010 played Halo. I now have one friend who still plays Halo, and that’s only from time to time. Do I want Infinite to be incredible and put the franchise back at the forefront? Yes. But if it’s just another regergitation of the failed advanced mobility formula, it won’t only be proof 343 has not learned a single thing, it WILL be a failure and the franchise will just dig itself deeper into obscurity. And that is not my opinion. The fact that diehards such as yourself will buy and enjoy it either way does not change that. I know I’m not alone here in feeling that if this game does not deliver I will be completely done with the franchise as a whole and just accept that it was nothing more than just a fond memory from my early gaming years. I’m cautiously optimistic. In the meantime I’m just gonna enjoy the hype around classic Halo making a comeback and pray to a higher power that Infinite will be what fans actually want it to be.
  10. Also, gungoose ctf is the worst thing to ever happen. We really need a fucking veto option.
  11. Just like how CTF and Assault have 1flag and 1bomb variants, or how territories has variants like 3plots, I don’t see why Infection can’t have subgametypes with different methods of scoring, etc. The diversity of gametypes was at its highest with H3 and Reach and has for some reason been decreasing since then. Shit, even Blops4 barey has any gamemodes in matchmaking (like what happened to sabotage, headquarters and demolition?? those were some of my favorite gametypes. One of my biggest hopes for Infinite is every gametype from CE-H5 to be in it at launch.

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