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  1. Name me a larger online competitive Halo community with people who are actually relevant in any way. Beyond is essentially the successor of the MLG forums from back in the day.
  2. This thread went from something fun to check up on every few hours to absolute cancer in a 72 hour period.
  3. The only Halo maps better than Boarding Action are Chiron, Riptide and Epitath with the shield doors.
  4. At the end of the day, a 50 is still the highest rank, but the XP would simply be for progression through the military ranks. I never want to see the boring SR1-152 progression ever again. The military ranks in Halo 3 and Reach were awesome, and XP being awarded based on wins made social matches fun and not so full of stat padding. And even in the event of a loss, there was no penalty because it was social. -1EXP for a quit decentivised quitting more than quit ban ever will, imo.
  5. Found this pretty interesting. I was real young when Reach was released, but like many other commenters on YouTube, I found myself having a lot more fun during the Beta than when the final relase dropped.
  6. A progression system I would love to see is a hybrid of Halo 3 and Reach. EXP would still be rewarded based on wins, with separate progression for each playlists. Like with Halo 3, you would be unable to achieve Captain before highest rank achieved of 25, Major at 30, etc. But after reaching a level 50 rather than capping out at 5 star general, you would instead be able to level up through the special ranks of Hero, Noble and all the way to Inheritor. This would incentivize fun competitive matches even in social, and actually have ranks mean something. In Reach, being an Inheritor simply meant you played the game a lot, completed a lot of commendations and challenges, etc. Not that you necessarily had any skill. I also would love to see a cR system like we had in Reach, awarded based on in-game performance, commendations etc. Bringing back daily and weekly challenges, and perhaps even introducing a monthly challenge would be neat. There would be certain armors you could purchase, with others only being unlocked via achievements. If a system like this could be in Halo Infinite, cR could be used to purchase weapon skins and other in-game cosmetics.
  7. He definitely deserves to be a grassroots partnered content creator. The few really good content creators we have like him and Shyway should be promoted to no end by our community and 343. Content is everything to the gaming scene now.
  8. It’s gross that you have Roy and not Frosty on that top 5 for Halo 5, but if you stopped watching early in the scene then I understand that, I guess. My personal H5 top 5 would be: 1) Frosty 2) SnakeBite 3) Mikwen 4) Shotzzy 5) Huke
  9. Not sure if anyone shared this or not, but the ElDewrito team is working with 343 and helping out with the Halo Insider flights. Also, Reach on PC apparently will not launch with forge, theatre or “official” mod support at launch, but is planned “down the road.”
  10. The fact we refer to Halo 4 as “The 4” goes to show how garbage that game was.
  11. It’s like talking to a creationist.
  12. I would love to see a modern iteration of Halo that expands on everything CE did. Obviously the janky movements and jumping are real dated, but the melee system being based upon lunge distance of different weapons, and the quick camo effect from drawing inscoped weapons, as well as being able to nade weapons and powerups to yourself are things that add so much depth to the game and skill gap, and it is a shame that each Halo has been gradually watered down with each and every release.
  13. Nobody is hating on you. You just argue in the most boneheaded way that it’s a headache to even try to engage with you. Whenever somebody critiques what you say you insult them or lash out at them and accuse them of being a CE elitist, when the truth is this is the most diverse Halo community in terms of opinions on the franchise.
  14. I do it all the time, nobody ever expects in and it throws their whole shot off during the gunfight. Only downside is that you have to remain stationary in order to crouch. One of the best things Halo 5 did was allowing you to crouch without having to first stand still.

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