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  1. This x1000. I absolute hate the announcements in Halo 4 and 5. The only good ones are the hail mary and perrrfect. Definitely medals I think should stay. The old medals need to come back as well. Each and every medal was unique but still looked like it belonged in Halo. All the new medals have that same blue and silver template and are just ugly.
  2. I actually find myself excited to play some Reach at 60FPS without motion blur on the maps and gametypes that I never really got to play, on better settings with a good progression system. Plus ranked ZBNS and Invasion is gonna be godsend. I really hope they don’t royally fuck this up somehow. I just wanna play some Halo that isn’t straight up broken and has something that incentivizes grind.
  3. Okay. So sprint was originally planned. By your own logic, sprint being in Halo is just “following original plans through.” Also, not like anyone praises Wetwork as being a landmark BTB map. The rocks were pretty much a nonfactor. I’ve played quite a few matches and almost nobody ever shoots them down.
  4. Sprint was also planned for Halo 2. I guess sprint belongs in the franchise after all, guys. Guess we can pack up and go home.
  5. I do recall the Golden Triangle of the classic Halo experience being high bullet magnetism, hitmarkers, and grenade indicators.
  6. If they brought back all the fun social features like a robust file share and file browser, clan system, server browser, party up, and mod support, I’m certain the franchise could at least become relevant again. Obviously, the first priority is a game that’s fun and plays like a traditional Halo game. We can debate the specific nitty gritty details surrounding gameplay, but advanced mobility Halo will never ever be popular. It’s pretty clear most people want classic movement back. I was working midnights at a 7-Eleven for a few months and every single time someone recognized my Halo tattoo, we would have this exact conversation. This occurred at least 2 or 3 nights per week So even randos I meet in person want the franchise to return to its roots.
  7. I know the context of the quote and I understand the reasoning behind it. It doesnt make them any incompontent. But Yeah, “improvement into the series.” Funny way of saying making the game more like Call of Duty and killing the franchise more and more every year. I’m sure Infinite will have a utility that shoots straight and that’s all that will matter to you and you’ll have a great time. Awesome. Meanwhile, the game will be everything Halo fans don’t want and it will quickly fall into obscurity just as Halo 4 and 5 did.
  8. 343 Industries is the embodiment of a corporate game developer driven by nothing but profit. The were created specifically to continue milking the Halo franchise of money. I’ll never forget what Frankie said during Halo 4’s development, “We hired people who hated Halo.” The incompetence was clear from the start. I am still convinced the people over there like Bonnie Ross have never played a Halo game in their life. “We at 343 understand and share the fans’ love and appreciation for classic Halo... so here’s more advanced mobility, microtransactions and more stuff nobody asked for.”
  9. They really need to bring back the party up feature on Matchmaking, both in MCC and Infinite. I made so many friends in matchmaking through party up.
  10. I’m certain we could easily put out a superior product compared to anything 343 has made. Not that it’s a high bar to set lol
  11. If we at Beyond could somehow seize the means of production of Halo...
  12. I mean, not like any of us truly had any high hopes for this game, other than maybe a little cautious optimism.
  13. We would definitely need a larger BTB player count and maps in order to properly implement a Pelican, at least 16v16 on Battlefield sized maps. I can’t think of one Halo BTB map that I think it would have actually been fun to use on.
  14. I think Infinite needs to have every weapon (minus all the REQ’s) vehicle and gametype that has ever been in Halo. Not all of them necessarily need to be available in matchmaking, but they should absolutely be useable in forge and customs. This game absolutely must knock it out of the ballpark at launch. The biggest problem with Halo 5 besides bad mechanics that don’t appeal to the vast majority of gamers and Halo fans, was a total lack of content at launch, and most of the content added thereafter was piss poor at best. To answer your question, I think having a Covenant-equivalent mongoose would be neat, as well as a Covenant airtransport vehicle akin to the Hornet.

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