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  1. I just think it looks better than Infinite. Sure, the art style and environment of Zeta Halo is essentially copied from 343, but the end product still looks visually much nicer than 343’s version, especially the demo showed at E3 last year. All the more impressive is the fact it was (presumably) done by one person versus an entire studio with half a billion dollars of funding.
  2. Fan-made, but this is what you get when someone is actually passionate about Halo.
  3. Imagine if he these tools were widely available back in Halo's heyday.
  4. Why are you wishing for lower TTK? You’ve already told us that 343 is never going to make any of these changes.
  5. I seriously don’t understand the lack of gametypes here… Extraction was one of the best competitive gametypes introduced to the franchise since Assault in Halo 2, and yet they for some reason refuse to bring it back. If it were up to me, a 7-game series would consists of CTF, Bomb, KotH, Oddball, Extraction, Strongholds, and a game 7 Slayer. I feel that all these gametypes are unique in their own way and deserve a spot not just in a social setting, but a competitive one as well.
  6. I’m not even really arguing I’m just addressing what he’s saying to me.
  7. I’ll 1v1 on the condition it’s Laser/Hammer starts with 200% movement speed and 25% gravity.
  8. You can 15-0 me a million times in row and it still wouldn’t change the fact you’re an unintelligent person. also, disagree with what? There is no area of contention here, the fact is that you committed a double negative, that isn’t even up for debate lmao
  9. I’m not criticizing your use of the word ain’t, but the fact you committed a double negative, which I understand obviously wasn’t your intent, but because your IQ is so obviously below 90 and brain smoother than a baby’s skin you didn’t even realize that your sentence insinuates that my “IQ of 12” is actually impressing someone.
  10. Ninja uploading some Infinite content..
  11. As a Stan for authoritarianism, I approve.
  12. That’s what we call a coomer.
  13. Trust me, I'm aware of everything you just mentioned. Personally, I think it's by design to continue decimating people's attention spans as this is what is conducive to the consumption-based economy we have, so it's in the interests of giant firms like Google to design algorithms in such a way. Perhaps I'm attributing malice where there is none, but the elites of our societies aren't stupid and they're very well-versed in human mass psychology and brainwashing, but I digress. Send me a clip of that if you've got one. I only ever occasionally watch his clips, most of which are the insane trickshots he performs in campaign.
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