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  1. Looking for tryhard teams to push us further. Team of 4? Perfect. Follow me on xbox live at VwS dragonite or Twitter and we can work some stuff out.
  2. I've played halo 2 competitively since its start. Placed 7th at pax in h2a got wrecked by excellence. been competing in games for 10 years and won 131k from gaming so far. If you have experience in halo 2 add me on Twitter and XBL at h2_dragonite to chat. I don't want to train new players in halo 2. I'm a west coast kid, love Lans. I Play aggressive, play smart, look for fun games. Camping in 1v1s is pathetic.
  3. I'm looking for as many sluts on my friends list that have played competitively as possible. If you have played and competed , especially lan experience, send me a follow on xbox one and a message so I can follow back. I'd like to get some customs going 24/7 and potentially fill a small spot in our current team structure. Love you all, will play with you all, and hopefully learn a little from you. GT : H2 Dragonite
  4. hahaha God damn it cody. The effort you put into halo and the community is never ending. Almost a full line! haha
  5. I love this. I'll have to make the voyage from nor cal but I have 2 portable capture cards and can potentially help with the details. For example, where is the office? Is it on the release Tuesday or the weekend? That Tuesday I'm doing a Race to 50 Stream with a few other who competed with me in h2a. Hit me up! Hope to see you there
  6. randy H2 dragonite Halo ce, halo 2, halo 3, halo 4, halo reach, halo 2 anniversary Moving to Northern California from so cal Travel for lans, tournaments in the continental us Competed at pax in h2a and placed 7th, placed second at GameStop expo for h2a , got camped out in a 1v1 lolz Looking for locals for Lans, follow me on Twitter at h2_dragonite and on XBL at h2_dragonite
  7. Where the heck did Reality check come from? Did they get the "oh what about us" invite?
  8. haha I was dead tired...and tried to edit it. lol oh well. Anyone staying for friday saturday sunday? H2 is my shit. I expect some fun games.
  9. Where are all the pax players? Have a t03, need 1 free agent. Post your gt if your going and want to play.
  10. Hit markers degrade gameplay and communication - As with all the best halos you see if you shot someone by the shield reaction from bullets. That's how we tell. Hitting someone by throwing a grenade into a random location shouldn't be a form of "radar". Your grenade isn't a smart grenade, it just blows up. It shouldn't tell you you hit someone. This is a cod implementation, and should be removed. The graphics are pretty good, even if they look a little halo 4 ish, but the colors are exaggerated. Not a game killer, just exaggerated. The medals are horrible. They are straight from halo 4 and we want some classic h2 medals. The new dynamic maps are over played, Bottom middle of ascension was not to provide a shield but was deep enough where you had cover on all edges. Sanctuary never had water even near it. So water pours down over the edges to blind players? The competitive aspect of this is degrading. Sanctuary's symmetry and destructive fun, was how face paced it was because of the cover/lack of and strategies. shooting the water out, keeps players blind in their base, and allows a swarm effect directly onto the objective. If that's going to be implemented then i hope its temporary like the shield. I haven't played it yet, but if it's at pax I should be able to write more.
  11. I can't agree with you on Ninja. He's a reach pro. I'd say naded wayyyy over ninja.
  12. I plan on racing for h1 - > h2 - > h3 -> h2a never playing h4.
  13. walshy was known for his claw, he was amazing at it.
  14. Guardian ball has become a joke among me and my friends, unless we are playing customs we 100 percent of the time will have a guy run ball into blue when we put 4 down in green.... Bungie puts me with these kids on purpose.
  15. Hey guys, Cheating in the halo matchmaking has gotten to a ridiculous high, has anyone been cheated lately and want to call someone out? If you have the saved film I have a cheaters hall of fame on my youtube. I'm just tired of them not being held accountable by microsoft so i'd rather hold them accountable socially. That's you guys! For Example I got this from Tik Toxin today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rDLPH5xJ40&feature=youtu.be I've caught him dossing before on an alt. So I have two videos of this kid. Players like Godzly will cheat forever unless called out...and others will just continue cheating. I caught a old reach Semi Pro Skillrexz cheating too by modding in a party of 4 in high level mlg, and he threatened to ddos me offline once he saw the video. This is at a all time low. If anyone has any proof of these I feel like we should take the socially accountable road. Message me the fileshare or host it so I can download it and upload it. It doesn't bother me much anymore to be cheated in matchmaking, but matching up with a kid who was modded to his 50 (b2ad for example dropped negative 32 on my team after being modded from 31 to 50 [me being on the opposing team 5 times that day ] ). I'm not sure if this violates any policies but microsoft doesn't do anything, and the only people left to do anything is us. Who wants to play with a kid modded up? or dossing? Not me personally.
  16. Honestly that game looks pretty sick.. Hope to hear more haha
  17. they don't, they don't activate on press it's on release so you have to press combos faster and the resistance messes up controller balance so aiming is also a pain in the ass. i'll have more shortly.
  18. I'll have a more full comparison coming out. scuf takes a butt ton of adjustment to use.
  19. My god the horror...and the excitement of reaching max rank in halo 2 without being cheated 3/5 games after level 35.
  20. Had to upload a new video without the "error" for those who saw haha. threw a double shot in there that didn't kill anyone accidently.
  21. haha how is the xboner controller? lol I have a scuf 4 paddle for the xbox 360. Does it react on release or press...if it's on press it's going to be a gamechanger for halo 2 anniversary. the xbox 360 is still on release which makes shit hard. As promised, here are some of the double shots I got while playing on and off in a FFA game on xbc. I'm slacking on the full details because I just hate talking on camera haha. However, some of these shots wouldn't even be possible with claw. 0.o can't jump and double shot simultaneously, for example. My lack of concern is still we have no finalized h2a product and if you play halo 2 for PC you already know double shots are harder due to the 60 fps, so if they use the same engine...it could have the same issue. Nothing can be perfect, but i can see some plays going down that a scuf can be a clear advantage over. However, the best players still don't quad shot everyone. I was baiting clips and being naded still more than I had opportunities for the double shots haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4geJpcma8I&feature=youtu.be
  22. i'm 6'6" and can palm a basketball. incorrect my dear friend haha incorrect.
  23. With the exception of kampys killionaire choke, because that will forever be the greatest choke of all time. I was just wondering if anyone has any ridiculous multikill chokes. I was grinding today and had a really horrible choke and figured it would be fun for people to share their most disappointing chokes. haha Well here it goes, Never been stoked on a triple to follow with such a let down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2TT0nscDaI Oh yeah and if you want to share a clip but don't own a capture card, PM me and I'll capture it and post it for you I'm really excited to see everyone chokes if they are willing to share.
  24. Welcome man, glad to have you in here

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