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  1. Regardless of whether or not there is currently a quit penalty, 343 needs to actually make it painful to quit out of games. Someone told me that in H5, if you quit out you are given a 30 minute ban from ranked matchmaking (similar to what Dota 2 and CS do). That is the kind of system that 343 needs to put in MCC, quitting/dashboarding has been an issue in this game from day one. I talked to one of the "Reclaimers" that is working closely with 343, and he mentioned that there is going to be a system to stop quitting and to deal with AFK players sitting in matchmaking. Both of these issues should have been addressed with the recent patch, but the "next" patch should "fix" these issues.
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/GracefulHeartlessCaribouDogFace I posted this earlier in this thread, but I thought I'd re-post it. This is a clip of Ogre 2 getting shoved through the barrels and out of the map top green on Damnation. This was a glitch that was in MCC for awhile, but was patched shortly after MCC released (If I remember correctly). I could possibly see things like the AR no longer being able to shoot down powerups, as being a result of 343 trying to fix hit registration. But I feel that this glitch pretty much proves Twisted M's theory that they just reverted to an earlier version of MCC.
  3. The developers decided to add red names, because it "brings H:CE into line with other Halo games." As far as the red names staying above your head when you quick camo, that was a glitch that had mostly been fixed in MCC with previous patches, but this latest patch screwed that up. Unfortunately, red names make it even easier for you to be spotted when you are supposed to be invisible. The camo issue, along with the fact that you can no longer use an AR to shoot power ups down on Rat Race indicates that they used an earlier build of MCC as the starting point for this latest patch. You can add this to list of stuff that was unfixed. https://clips.twitch.tv/GracefulHeartlessCaribouDogFace
  4. Given 343's flawless track record, and impeccable transparency (see waiting 2+ years to finally "explain" why MCC didn't work), I'd hardly consider calling them terrible "picky." I'd actually call it generous, but maybe that's just me.
  5. It's kind of like launch night all over again. It really does amaze me how bad 343i really is at their jobs. They probably just didn't turn enough servers on to handle the "unexpected demand."
  6. I haven't played yet, but this patch is essentially the version that insiders have been playing on for awhile. The biggest improvement is that dedicated servers are actually working in the game now, so shots seem to hit more consistently throughout all titles. Matchmaking has basically been "fixed," so you can at least grind games without too much effort.
  7. Well this came a lot earlier than expected. Hopefully everything works right out of the gate, and MCC can regain some of its lost population.
  8. Down my d00d. Guys if anyone wants to run some 2v2 HCE Insider customs add me BR N00b (zeroes no 0's), or Og Nick.
  9. It's official, your Beach Lan 7 winner is Jownz and McDick. They took the championship match vs. Patch and Legend 4-2.
  10. Halo 2, because my reticle goes where I want it to go, and bullets fly straight.
  11. Big Beach Lan news; Patch and Legend were just knocked down to the losers bracket by Jownz/McDick 3-2.
  12. I live in South Florida, so we are opposite coasts entirely, that would explain why it felt different.
  13. I played the insider version in a series of H:CE custom games with @OG Nick, @@Silos, and @Hardway, and to me those games did not feel that much different from the retail version of MCC. I also did not host any of the games, so that might change my perception of the newest build. However, I played the new HCE doubles list in the insider build last night, and that felt 1000 times better than the retail version. Was the hit detection perfect? No. However, it felt worlds better than retail, and you can tell that they definitely worked on the aiming mechanics, as they felt a lot more like OG (especially in close to intermediate ranged pistol battles). There seemed to be a lot less magnetism, and you actually had to lead your shots to score hits, especially at shorter distances. Granted I played 5 games at most, but it certainly seems that the fixes, plus dedicated servers have H:CE playing a lot closer to OG than even I expected. I will definitely want to play more games to see if my initial impressions change, but I was encouraged by what I played last night.

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