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  1. What do you mean a backout warrior? What does backing out in H4 gain you? Also I added a edit about 1v1s I remember playing a ton of guardian 1v1s back before midship came to H3 and they helped my snipe a ton and slowed down my charging a lot so maybe running a bunch of 1v1s might be the way to go.
  2. I did a bit of 1v1s early in reach with I would have done more guardian 1v1s in H3 I really enjoyed that, do you think 1v1s help to build that individual skill? I felt like it helped my snipe more than anything else. The biggest thing is I just don't have the time to log the hours in that I use to so I'm just looking for the most efficient way
  3. Just a competitive person by nature so when I do anything i want to be good. Same goes for gaming when i play LoL Its always ranked, when play or do anything i want to be on the top so its not so much pursuit of halo skill as much as just playing halo again and i don't want to be bad
  4. So i've been getting back into Halo the last few days and I havn't played since around 2010. I was decent but not great I got a 50, in Slayer, doubles and lone wolves. Since them days im now in my mid 30's, have a wife and kids and started a business I just don't have the time to play like it use to but I would like try to get as good as I can get for some reason lol Most the guys I use to play with have either stopped playing or are playing WoW, D3 or LoL I know the best way to get good has always been playing with a team and playing MLG. At the moment my shot is pretty horrible and just overall playing bad, I have no desier to compete but I would like to just be able to hold my own and be a good player. I'm sure if i keep playing i'll start playing with people again but I can only get on a couple hours at night and would like to spend them the best way possible. So for playing solo do you think seaching MLG alone would be the best or should I try to play lone wolves on my 50 and use that to try to get good again or trying to set up FFA customs? basically do you think playing FFA or MLG alone is better to work on individual skill? thanks making a quick edit but mabye 1v1s on guardian/midship would be the best would get some snipe work as well. any opinions on 1v1s?
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