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  1. I'm not to sure but I'm pretty sure it was around 17 hours. But who knows, could have been longer haha.
  2. Or unless he kills himself off Halo and starts to make his own game called, Master Cheif: The Return of the Chief
  3. How about just one weapon? This would be more of a beta to see how the game would run with the power drain. You never know if it could work or not. It would make life more difficult to get a power weapon so you would really have to take time and over think what you are about to do!
  4. Don't like the idea of him dying in Halo 5. Way to soon for that. We need to experience more of the Chief.
  5. It would really make you think about using it. Might work good for the start of a game such as oddball.
  6. Can't really be on xbl right now, I'm at work and not really any time for it. Probably be next week until I will be back on.
  7. It would be pretty cool to see it in the next game but with less power. Just something that you could control a map with. Or if every player starts off with one and that is the only one that they could use. So makes every other player aware of when they need to control a map or change the way the game will be played. No resets just the one use
  8. Love it! Very useful and effective. You just don't want to be on the other end of the power drain.
  9. Well if you were to be good like me, you'd definetley know how
  10. No, post it on here so we could all see it!
  11. Modded controllers were originally made for games such a CoD WaW. The Modded controllers should stay away from the game of Halo. So it's a NO.. 3rd party controllers, stay AWAY from Halo events!
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