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  1. Haven't played yet, are all of the Halo 1 objective gametypes a 5 second respawn? If so, wow.
  2. Anyone else being separated from their party every few games?
  3. You would get used to it very fast. I'm talking after 1 game. MCC H1 does not feel like playing the same game, at all, and I mean that in a bad way. Of course 60 FPS is wonderful but I willingly play 30 FPS if I get to play original Xbox H1.
  4. I still think @@Supermelee24 should go to some H1 LANs. Lots of fun and he definitely has the right attitude for red shotgun spawn in Hang 'Em.
  5. Look at Hang 'Em and Dammy. These maps are enormous. Every map shrinks once you know it and know where to look. Zero Hour is actually one of my favorite new maps. It was made as a 4v4 CTF map but plays really well for 2's if everyone knows it. Almost feels like a less devastating Derelict. Edit: When I play at my place, I play every good 2v2 map in a row...basically every normal 2v2 map and all of the new maps on NHE. No Chiron or big maps. And often we skip Longest and Wizard, just preference.
  6. No red shotgun spawn. Honestly I probably enjoy BC and Hang 'Em the same. Purely personal preference. I actually really like that Hang 'Em is different in the sense that you constantly have to worry about randoms and team shotting. I think that's really neat and different from the other maps.
  7. If we were doing 5 game series, I think Battle Creek, Downrush, Imminent, and Outbound are better than Hang 'Em and Derelict. That being said, even though I think they suck sometimes I do usually really enjoy playing both Hang 'Em and Derelict.
  8. That actually kind of bums me out. H4 isn't my favorite Halo or anything but I loved hopping on with my friends, not a fan of BTB. Also Hang 'Em High and Derelict suck.
  9. Hey Supermelee24 you should play H1 with all of us at a LAN. You would have fun and LAN's are fun. Everyone should come out to a LAN. They are very fun and you get to meet a bunch of people. Also you get to play Damnation which is a blessing all in itself.
  10. Yes I still think they should be in there because almost everyone gets their start in a giant H1 map but I'm just biased.
  11. Rat Race can easily be the campiest map in 2v2. Love it for 4v4. I've played the sniper version of Rat Race and for 2v2 I don't think it adds anything to the gameplay, because if you're up top getting a sniper you can't contest any powerups, especially if they are nading camo back from top tunnel. Unless you spawn there it puts you too far out of power positions IMO. Life would find a way though. I also deep down love that it's a map with no power weapons. Could be really nice in 4v4 though. All of the gametypes up top look good to me except Sidewinder, Blood Gulch, and Timberland. Huge fan of 4v4, just no personal interest in playing huge maps again, although plenty of people love them. Shame that none of the "new" maps would be in, because Zero Hour CTF is one of my favorite H1 gametypes PERIOD. Also a big fan of Downrush oddball. Imminent slayer. Exhibit oddball. Imminent KOTH. Outbound oddball. I love it all, everything.
  12. H3 has always felt like playing Bowser in Smash Bros Brawl on a 90 meter wide flat screen HD TV with paper bags over your hands. Since release. Clunkiest Halo and it's not even close. Not even sure what the shot reg fix would be in the PC Frankenstein H1 mod on MCC. It already plays nothing like original. I don't even feel like I'm leading shots when I play MCC, or that I even need to. Strafing doesn't matter and I'm not even sure why it feels like that. I look right at people and shoot directly at them, especially with the sniper which is braindead easy in the MCC version. Would be nice to see the plasma rifle and shotgun be relevant in MCC H1.
  13. Agreed. I played complete nonsense gametypes at LAN's the first 5 years I played H1.
  14. Almost every spawn given in a 2v2 H1 game is situational. Just understanding the spawn system means nothing. Can't understand how anyone could play H3 and then original H1 and still think H1 feels clunky. H3 feels like I'm trying to play an FPS with paper bags over my hands. Different strokes for different folks, though.
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