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  1. If you can't reach RFL Steady X, add me. Gt: Squad Killa E and like he said we are aiming to win. We want to be the best and get that check in our hand. If you're aiming for the top this can be the team for you.
  2. Gamertag: Squad Killa E Customs/MM: Customs, MM, Scrims Region: United States ​
  3. Doing tryouts right now add or message me if you want to tryout. Also for any questions that you would like to know just ask. Gt: Squad Killa E
  4. Gamertag: Squad Killa E Customs/MM: Customs & Matchmaking Region: United States ​
  5. Looking a teammate to grind this game out to be the best. Traits I'm looking for is good communication, good team shot, excellent knowledge of the game, doesn't rage in mid game, loyal and dedicated to the team, doesn't waste time, last but not least willing and able to travel to tournaments. If you feel you meet the quiteria hit me up. To find out more add and message me. Gt: Squad Killa E
  6. I'm interested in trying you out I'm a TO2 looking to grind out halo mcc then transfer to h5 so if you want to know more about us hit me up. Gt: Squad Killa E
  7. You can get in contact with me as well if Steady can't get in contact with you just add or message me and things can move on faster. Gt: Squad Killa E
  8. We are looking for a team for Halo 5, we are planning to go to all major tournaments as well. So if you are interested send me a message and add me so I can get to you. When I get in contact with you we will interview you so we can get a feel for you and you can get a feel from us as well. Gt: Squad Killa E
  9. gt; AtG KiLLa E add for customs and scrims
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