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  1. I feel like an unpracticed Formal is still a top 10 player. Maybe top 5, really. I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see him on Winterfox instead of Randa. That line up would be insane.
  2. If you can remember, let me know how much they shrink after a couple washes, will ya? I've been wanting to buy C9 merch for about a year now, but I'm afraid of dumping $100 on stuff that won't fit me after a wear. Appreciate it!
  3. Out of curiosity, how is the sizing on those? Do they run small or shrink much?
  4. I really wish there would be a return of 2011 Infamous one day. Maybe without Blaze. But Lethul, Ryanoob, APG, and a fourth would be monstrous. Does anybody agree? Who would be the best fourth for such a squad?
  5. The state of Halo may not be perfect right now, but I'm really savoring these H2A tournaments. I'm really going to miss them, and I wish there were several more years of them to come.
  6. 1) EG 2) CLG 3) Denial 4) Randa 5) Optic 6) C9 7) Noble Black 8) Elevate
  7. Naded is also doing really well, but I feel like a lot of what he does is thanks to Ryan. But yeah, he's on fire.
  8. "I'll go kill him, just in case." - Mikwin Classic
  9. Feel free to disagree, but you're wrong. We have a better chance trying to fix and grow this game. Waiting for a game that is going to be terrible isn't a viable option. We finally have something that could be workable with changes, and people are wanting to wait for a game made from scratch by 343i, a company that clearly doesn't want the same Halo as us? Really?
  10. It isn't a discussion that is happening. 343i has literally come out and said we are intentionally including horrendous mechanics in our game and those will not change.
  11. Halo 5 is not an eSports title. Stop dreaming.
  12. We have a better chance of trying to continue the MCC lifetime (getting a Midship remake, getting matchmaking fixed) than Halo 5.
  13. My thoughts of the tournament thus far. Goldenboy is the weakest caster. I've given him a chance, but I just don't like his style. He doesn't have much game knowledge, and a lot of things he says are just plain wrong. I understand he has connections, but I feel like we could have much stronger casters for the finals. There needs to be more listen-ins + pros commentating. They know the game better than anybody. They're the personalities we are here to watch. Stream quality (actual quality, downtime, etc) have to improve. Ads are fine, but have something else in between. I actually liked the interviews from the last tournament. More pro interviews, please. Try to get one after each mainstage match. Maven did outstanding. Very surprising to me. Denial, my boys! Surprised (not too surprised), and so proud.
  14. Is there any way to go back and watch the Denial/EG series at the moment?
  15. This is getting ridiculous. Put SOMETHING up.
  16. They've read what we, as the competitive community, have had to say. They chose to not act on it. It's not a matter of understanding. I think they just don't care or want to take the game in a competitive direction.
  17. Do you honestly believe they care that much about eSports? If they did, they wouldn't make their games competitive garbage. They just want you to open your wallet on release day. Exactly. Therefore, the game will be horrible, so why bother buying it?
  18. Just avoid buying Halo 5. Save yourself the money. Here is the reality. 343i has two games off of which you can judge them. Halo 4 was a competitive disaster. MCC has been on the market for two months and still had problems. It shows they are inept in more than one department. Halo 5 is not going to be competitively viable. People can say "Oh, it's a beta," but games rarely change significantly from the beta to release. Based on what 343i employees have been saying, the direction they want to take Halo is simply different than ours. Unfortunately, that means we're screwed. There is no way (0% chance) Halo 5 becomes a large-scale competitive game. Best case scenario is something slightly better than Halo 4 which, to me, is a failure and disservice to the franchise. That's just how it is.
  19. The fact that this is necessary is hilarious. #RIP Halo It's getting pathetic. 343i doesn't know what they're doing.
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