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  1. I'm not offended personally. I'm totally super-duper white. It just came off as distasteful to me, that's all. I personally don't care, but I could see how some people may take it offensively. I wasn't even aware that a lot of Latinos put spinning rims on their cars, to be honest. None in my area do.
  2. It seemed like a slip up to me, because it seemed to come out awkwardly. Neither of us can know for sure though. "People like me" are trying to create controversy? Come on now, really? Why does race even have to be brought up during commentating?
  3. I expect a game that entertains me. Playing Halo 4 just isn't very fun. It isn't a bad game per se, but there are so many better games out there. When friends come over and we want to play Halo, Halo 4 isn't even the one we play either. And my friends are extremely casual players. It just doesn't have anything unique going for it, honestly. It is an average game. I don't know what other people think, but I'm not a huge fan of this shady business model. Riot Games is open about the changes and future of their game. Look where it got them. Transparency is a good thing.
  4. Bravo is amazing. I think Maven is very solid as well. Goldenboy is good, but sometimes he makes a few slip ups. Like his kinda insensitive mark about Hispanics and cars. Gandhi has been coming off as extra recently.
  5. I think a 2v2 tournament would be awesome as well.
  6. I would have ran and camped in a corner so hard haha.
  7. Ace is probably one of the most underrated players of all time. No longer, though!
  8. I've been bashing on the first two days, but this is extremely awesome. Imagine what Halo could be? Also, Titanfall looks beautiful. Like a mixture between Halo, Battlefield, and Crysis.
  9. This tournament, so far, has been pretty awful... I'm very disappointed.
  10. The puppy was clearly the high light of this video.
  11. A professional gaming career doesn't last more than a few years. After that, what? And even if you're in the top, there are other ways to make that much money. Professional gaming should be (and, in most cases for shooters, is) more of a hobby than a profession.
  12. The money is actually in getting an education and a real job. You don't play video games as a career.
  13. Why is that gun even in competitive settings? I don't understand why Ghost is such a big supporter of it.
  14. I think Goofy would have been better to drop, but I think the issue is mostly the clash of personalities. Naded acts a lot differently than everybody else on the team.
  15. Awh, I was going to vote "Bad," but it wasn't an option.
  16. Ogre 2, Formal, Snipedown, Pistola.
  17. Infamous. Dersky scares me, Ninja is immature, Ace is Plank 2.0, although Legit is cool. Lethul and Ryan are just hilarious.
  18. Clone Faith ten times and the problem will be solved.
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