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  1. I really enjoyed Halo Wars, and I probably put more time into the online portion than I did in Halo 4.
  2. I have 8 Zygardes now. :gandhi:
  3. Anyone willing to trade a mega aggron stone for a Mewtwo?
  4. Milotic is unobtainable right now. I just traded a level 1 squirtle for a second mewtwo. GTS = awesome.
  5. My team from B/W is pretty pathetic. I didn't really enjoy it much. SS/HG was great, though.
  6. It is decent. My friends and I are creating mono-teams for local tournaments between us, so I have two finished 50 mono-teams. Of course, I could just switch them around for a different one. I have 4 Pokemon over 90 already, which I'm kinda happy about. I don't mess a whole lot with EVs, but I do get the nature I want generally.
  7. I'm up for exchanging friend codes if anybody wants to. Also, I'd love to do some battles for fun.
  8. This is by far the best Pokemon since Gen 3.
  9. What do you need to know? How to use his kit? What items to build? Were you jungling him?
  10. Finally done with my first wave of midterms. I'll be on daily again starting tomorrow. Since I reached plat last week, I've been playing some normals and expanding on my champion pool a bit. Just hit me up in game if you want to join in. The higher in ranked you get, the slightly more respecting the teammates get.
  11. After watching the Tabe interview, I'm rooting for Royal Club. Plus, I think Royal Club skins would be awesome.
  12. Is this supposed to be a hard question? The game isn't that good. There are lots of better games out there right now. For instance, I've been playing the new Wind Waker HD, League of Legends, and Payday 2, all of which are better overall games. Halo 4 just isn't very entertaining to the vast majority of people nowadays.
  13. Because Riot is the best competitive-focused developer in video game history.
  14. To be honest, I played more Halo Wars than Halo 4. I think it was an overall better game. I'd actually enjoy a Halo Wars 2 over something like the upcoming handheld game.
  15. I added you; I'll play sometime.
  16. It sucks, but I just don't see 2gre, Royal 2, and Snakebite doing that well.
  17. Hahahaha, mad hilarious. I've been stuck in Gold I for years. Man, if only I could get to Plat and retire!
  18. Pretty basic interview. It sounds like spectator mode and more tournaments are almost a given. Those are the main positive things I took away from it.
  19. What I mean is: do they seem to be giving off the impression that they always got it (in which case, we pretty much can conclude that they don't) or that, after the criticism and feedback given to them by the community, they now realize their mistakes and what they need to do. There is a pretty big difference between the two in my eyes. I don't think they can actually make a worse Halo, but that is because I hardly play Halo 4 as it is. There is only up from here in my opinion. I just don't think that the evidence is there to believe they will make a game that brings back the crowd and competition that Halo 2 and Halo 3 held.
  20. I don't really understand what everybody means by "get it." Do they "get" that they made mistakes and have learned from them? Or do they merely "get" and understand what has made Halo successful in the past? If it was the latter, then why did they make Halo 4 out of the box so tremendously mediocre. Saying that they "get it" is just extremely vague. I don't know, but all of these posts really aren't inspiring me any. I prefer actual details or developer opinions. I understand that 343 is about as transparent as the white house, but until they actually release information, it is hard to really make the claim that they "get it" after seeing Halo 4. Positive changes have been made, but positive changes (which were, in my own opinion, even better than the ones made in Halo 4) were made at the end of Reach. Did the next game further upon and copy these positive changes? Definitely not. History has a manner of repeating itself. Just my two cents. You must admit that everything probably looks a lot worse to the common player since, unlike you, we aren't directly connected with 343 and the advancement of the competitive playlist. Getting all sarcastic about it doesn't help at all. It just adds fuel to the fire...
  21. I prefer Extraction, but I love both. The more viable objective game types, the better.
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