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  1. He's got to be trolling, don't even bother. Every analyst seems to agree that the Big 10 is the worst it has been in quite some time. That is saying something since the majority of analysts have degrees from Big 10 schools. Meanwhile, the SEC has many of the top teams (Bama, Auburn, Mizzou, S. Carolina, LSU, Texas A&M). Not agreeing that Ohio State would not lose more than one game in the SEC west is just delusional. There is a reason why Ohio State always gets stomped (ala, not even closeee) when they face an SEC team in the BCS championship. Strength of schedule has to matter. If it doesn't, then NIU deserves the practically the same shot as Ohio State. They both played irrelevant national teams.
  2. Ohio State only played two ranked teams. And one of them proved to be totally awful. There literally isn't even a valid argument here. If Ohio State played in the SEC they would have at least 3 losses.
  3. Did you actually type this making a straight face?
  4. How has Missouri, Auburn, and Alabama not done "it" week in and week out? One loss in the SEC is a better indicator of an elite team than no losses in the Big 10. If you make the claim that the BCS championship game is between the top two teams, then you cannot make the claim that the top SEC team does not deserve to be there. Because everybody knows that the top SEC team is one of the top two teams. If we decide solely on the basis of W/L without taking the schedule into account, how is that beneficial to the sport? Are we encouraging "top" teams like Ohio State to litter their schedule with pathetic non-conference teams and play in a subpar conference? Are we going to put NIU in the championship discussion because they're undefeated as well? The fact of the matter is that the BCS championship should be between the top two teams in college football. Ohio State isn't one of them.
  5. No, because their strength of schedule is weak. The SEC has proven to be the best conference by leaps and bounds over nearly the past decade. Until a non-SEC team beats an SEC team in the championship, I don't see how you can claim that there doesn't deserve to an SEC team in the championship game that is supposed to determine the best team.
  6. All I'm saying is that pass interference call was awful, and the last two championship games that Ohio State played in showed that being on top of their conference still puts them nowhere near the SEC standard. If you put Arkansas on a good day against Ohio State they could probably win. I just think that having a championship game without the SEC at this point would be totally ridiculous.
  7. Probably the better team? Come on now. There are at least a handful of SEC teams who would beat Ohio State. Yoiu know it. I know it. Everybody knows it. The Miami game that was handed to them because of a fluke Pass Interference call?
  8. I doubt it, although there is no question that Auburn is a better team than Ohio State. The past two championship games with Ohio State have been pathetic at best.
  9. Such a shame. FSU/Ohio State championship, urgh. And FSU may not even be able to have their starting QB. Sad when the best teams are clearly SEC.
  10. Sorry, Imp is taken by Doublelift.
  11. If I made a list of my top twenty-or-so favorite Halo maps, none of them would be from Halo 4. That is pretty much all there is to say about that matter.
  12. My only addition would be better maps. I think a variety of good maps is more important than almost anything else.
  13. 0962-9475-6994 Working on breeding it now. Shouldn't take too long. I don't have a moxie Gyarados, but I'll let you know if I end up getting one.
  14. I don't need it for stats. I already have a 4 IV ferrothorn (HP, Atk, Def, SpDef). I just want it to be cool. I could breed another ferrothorn (w/ spikes and leech seed, relaxed nature) and trade for that instead if you want.
  15. Any chance you would trade the shiny ferroseed? I have an extra 5 IV Mawile if that would entice you?
  16. I get like seven 3IV dittos per bag and sometimes a 4IV one.
  17. Are you catching them in the safari?
  18. Why? You only need a handful of 3/4 IV ones to get 5 IV pokemon.
  19. It is pretty rare. You can plan and pass down 5 perfect IVs. One stat is always going to be random. So you essentially have to plan the 5 IV pass down and then get lucky on the 6th. Although, most Pokemon don't all perfect IVs.
  20. Starting a normal 5s lobby, HMU if you want in.
  21. Exactly, there is no source. There is really no factual reason to believe that a H2A would have a full online multiplayer. Halo CE had a full multiplayer, and they just essentially made that aspect into a map pack. If you're comparing Halo titles to Halo titles based solely on sales, then Halo Wars was more successful than HCEA. If you agree that the low sales of Halo Wars makes it unworthy of a successor, then you should feel the same (and more so) about a H2A which would, in a way, be a successor to HCEA which had relatively poorer sales.
  22. Who says H2A would have a full multiplayer? Source? You can't pick and choose excuses, by the way. If Halo Wars wasn't an RTS, it would have sold a lot more.
  23. Anniversary didn't sell as well either, so should a Halo 2 Anniversary not be made? Also, there is a big difference between not selling as much as Halo 3 and not selling well.
  24. I honestly view Call of Duty as irrelevant. It isn't a good game, and, at least within my social circle, very few people still play it. The future is League of Legends.
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