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  1. I got to like episode sixty of Fairy Tail. I need to keep watching. It was pretty decent, although nothing very original.
  2. Just finished a few animes. Cromartie High School was pretty good.
  3. Plat 2 AMA. News flash: people are bad everywhere and if you're good enough you can carry out of any nondiamond elo.
  4. I love Fate/Zero. I can't wait for ufotable to remake Fate/stay night because it was total garbage.
  5. The Naruto main storyline (even first series) is solid. The filler is just abysmal and makes me unable to continue any further.
  6. If they had any player from their soccer team kick against Auburn, they would be champions.
  7. Mushishi season 2 come swiftly pls
  8. Not much on the line. Would have played differently in the championship game. Also, Saban is a magician and predicted pre-game that Auburn would need to score 35 points. I'm a Florida/NC State fan. Not sure what you're smoking, but you're both wrong and bigoted.
  9. Alabama still the best team in the nation this year.
  10. You mean all the missed holds all game, but the one hold that cost Auburn points that wasn't even a significant hold?
  11. Auburn is a disgrace. Pitiful. Refs were awful all game.
  12. Some questionable ref calls and awful special teams. Pathetic tigers.
  13. Oh, hey, look! OSU sucking again. And people thought this team should have gone to the championship game.
  14. I feel like dubs have been improving drastically as of late. Ones from the 90s and early 2000s are generally pretty terrible. I think Funimation has been doing a good job recently.
  15. I think some dubs are great, while others can be bad or even unbearable. FMA:B has a really good one, although it is a shame Aaron couldn't do Brotherhood as Alphonse again.
  16. It was average. Wasted potential, awful pacing 101, bad character design, good animation.
  17. New SAO confirmed. Eh.
  18. FSU played a weak schedule, but they practically killed every team they played. We'll see how things pan out. I wouldn't bet against the SEC.
  19. If you think Auburn beat Alabama (and not Alabama beat themselves), then you must not have been watching the same game I was. It is pretty much the same as the LSU/Alabama situation. If they happened to rematch in a BCS game (can't wait for a bracket), then Alabama would probably handily beat Auburn. Auburn played well, but they really weren't stopping anything Alabama had to throw at them.
  20. Ohio State is almost the exact same as Notre Dame. Same undeserved hype. Similarly awful schedules.
  21. How will it be boring? Auburn and Florida State are both extremely entertaining teams.
  22. Big 10 best conference? Ohio State schedule too hard? . What do you expect? Ohio State always gets too much hype because so many ESPN employees are fans of the team/conference. They're like Notre Dame. They never play anybody, yet somehow people think that they're a good team. It is the same every single year.
  23. I've been considering rejoining for a little while, if only to grind while I watch anime off screen. Runescape used to be so fun 07 and before. Just not sure I want to relive the full grind alone.
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