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  1. Its wild how much these last minute teams are struggling trying to play with kids while there are people like Assault and Hysteria who are seemingly teamless while being top players.
  2. That one thus far, Saw 2 is the next hardest. Trying out a couple more I found now.
  3. With all the new mechanics H5/forge bring, these maps are great. Listing all the quality ones I have played thus far: Default Settings Maps - I recommend making a custom GT with reduced respawn timer and unlimited time limit Saw series by RED DIMENSIONS *Recommended Wipeout by Unsorted Guy Jumpuzzz by GALACTiiiiC 'Classic' Settings Maps - Ones that use a custom GT to remove/limit spartan abilities Master Parkour and Pyramid by SneakKiller 7 *These two maps use a custom GT from the same author that removes clamber, stabilize, and sprint Stationary by SaneThe Legend *Uses a GT to remove clamber, stabilize, and thrust
  4. I only have one paddle in right now, using BJ and a paddle to thrust. Feels good so far, would like to add another for sprint/stabilize though in the future just gotta get around to it
  5. Mine also slow turns. Not happy about it Other than that though, the controller is amazing.
  6. I love everything about my elite controller, except the slow turn. So sad
  7. First things first, radars gotta go. Regardless of how it works the fact its something to take your attention from whats in front of you is obnoxious IMO.
  8. Yeah after watching streams the past couple days, TJ and Hysteria really stand out. Some of the CLG gameplay has been brutal thus far, though.
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