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  1. Overall I have not enjoyed the beta, in my opinion the game feels like halo 4 with extra gimmicks. I honestly don't like the direction Halo 5 is going, but either way here is my feedback. Give us the classic scope in my BR/DMR ADS needs to be remove from the game Mantle and ground pound needs to go Slide makes no sense in this game The maps are based around sprint and mantle Sprint needs be remove Announcer sounds high as hell needs to be toned down To much in-game medals Weapon design looks stupids Ranks/Division Medals needs a major face lift eg: (Black ops 2/League of Legends) The Br Feels like a single Shot weapon Grenades are OP I cannot check my stats while moving (in game) Controls are messed up Animation at the end of a match,Spartans acting like the just won a football game giving high five etc.(OUT) Prophet's bane OP
  2. Also I was thinking that some sort of data is being transferred between the pci slot and the gfx card when connected also and both are located inside of the computer system PS: I could be way off with this
  3. An internal bus is a type of data bus that operates inside a computer and it is used for connecting and interacting via internal computer components, does this mean that a PCI express slot is considered an internal bus?
  4. good afternoon can some tell me if sli and pci slots are Considered internal buses on a computer motherboard
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k87iuz5Aco
  6. Hi can anyone tell me if its possiable to transfer a friends data of his xbox one system instead of downloading the 59.11GB I already bought the game off the dashboard and its taking really long to download.
  7. The fact that the biggest names in E-sport League of Legends ,Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, Dota 2,CS allows players to use an alternative to the default hardware, Even street fighter Pros are allowed to use there Joypad rather than there Ps3/360 controllers. Scuf controllers,Razer Naga, Arcade Fightstick were designed to increase players performance and are allowed in every major E-sport event.
  8. The name scuf has become a big name in both the youtube/competitive cod community so why shut them out from our community. In my opinion scuf should be used just as the Cod community uses it.Think about it we get our pro teams on the scuf website, Halo youtubers advertising a Final Boss/Triggers Down themed controller, youtube sponsorship, TwitchTV giveaways etc. Why not use these to our advantage to help us grow instead of shutting them out, our community need all the help we can get at this point if we are to make it back to where we once were, sometimes from a little sacrifices we can gain a lot. Do you think scuf controllers should be banned from halo events?
  9. We need a 50k showdown anounce one month before launch, also someone needs to free T2 :p #weback
  10. oh well I think we are going to be find with whatever map they give us.I think competive halo is finally seeing some light again.
  11. danHoping its not Ivory Tower from a competive pov there is only one game type can be played on IV.IV-TDM Warlock TDM/CTF MIDSHIP- TDM/BOMB/CTF BEAVER CREEK-TDM/CTF however mid ship is set for halo 5 and apperently beaver creek is confirmed out. If we get another competitive ctf map h2a have a chance of being the gtg. I'm guessing this is where we are at atm Sanctuary tdm/ctf Lockout tdm/oddball
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