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  1. I think overwatch is going to take the console FPS market. http://majornelson.com/2015/11/13/overwatch-coming-to-xbox-one-spring-2016/
  2. It could be though. Just hide all the ranks from the UI. It can't be that hard to go add a bunch of IF statements before all the rank symbols and charts to turn them off and not show anybody any ranks depending on the playlist name. if(playlistName.Contains("Social")) whateverImage.Visible = false; Sure it's still 'ranked' but matches will be less competitive in nature and they can even still get some form of even teams.
  3. This also isn't just how they handle in-game content. They need to handle the HCS very well. If the game starts getting attractive viewcounts and the tournaments are well run more people will want to watch and it will drag people back into Halo. If it looks like what went down in 343 vs The Internet people will turn it off.
  4. You could stack two people getting 1 overshield on some maps and it still wasn't that big of a deal in H1. HCS is using the Team Arena playlist from everything we've seen and heard. Radar should go in Team Arena 100% but it also should go in Slayer as well as FFA. It's already taken out in SWAT and Breakout.. why is it in TA/Slayer?
  5. Did you watch 343 vs the Internet? Crouching in corners with automatics does not make 'great and all in 4v4'.
  6. Watching the slayer matches from 343 vs the EU teams it's absolutely ridiculous how much crouch walking around is going on. Radar is an absolute joke and slayer with radar on makes slayer almost unwatchable.
  7. Info for the people who cant watch at work? What is it like?
  8. Why are we comparing DLC forge maps that we'll get 6 months from now to the launch maps of battlefront?
  9. Why are you trying so desperately to defend a game that doesn't deserve it. Runescape has infinitely more depth than Halo 5. You're grasping at straws trying to defend Halo 5. It's a fun game - I agree. But why would people bother to play it when there barely isn't any depth, and there isn't a large playerbase. If I wanted to play team slayer for 5 hours I would play counterstrike. Right now the only thing Halo 5 has on any FPS is a good CTF and many would probably argue some version of Unreal is doing that better than the current iteration of Halo. Runescape is better than A LOT of MMO's at certain things. Halo 5 is not better than other shooters at basically ANYTHING. Your whining about the people making complaints towards Halo 5 is nauseating.
  10. I think some pretty intricate jump maps could be made in Halo 5 forge. Would seem like it could be pretty fun -- too bad we don't have forge. I feel like they should have spent some of their budget on a custom game browser and some pre-built custom game modes.
  11. Using the API we can see all of the gamertags that have played in the last 25 matches of a single player. Using this API call on 1 GT can net a result of over 500 gamertags. We could just run that on all of the known gamertags on halotracker and then re-input back into the tracker. We're bound to find them all or close to all of them based on the last 25 matches of all known players in halotracker currently. I'm sure someone could build an actual leaderboard pretty quickly if we had someway to export and import GT's to halotracker.
  12. So you're saying if I go create a brand new random gamertag and play 1 arena match I won't show up on that list? That list looks damn complete to me but we'll find out by the end of the day.
  13. That's straight from the leaderboards. I never signed up for that site and my name is still on all the leaderboards.
  14. So less than 100 players have placed into bronze since Halo 5 launched. And overall less than 32,000 players have been ranked in the Team Arena playlist. This game is more doomed than I thought competitively.
  15. Personally, I don't like thrusters -- but I agree with you. With the current kill times and generous AA/magnetism thrusters are actually doing a service to Halo 5's playability. Halo 5's thrusters being designed into maps along with sprint and clamber I do feel are detrimental to H5 as a whole. Don't get me wrong I enjoy H5 and have fun playing it with a group of 4 but I feel the entire game is going the wrong direction with long precision kill times and survivability. Even if thrusters were in Halo 1's gameplay I don't think it would change how most maps played.
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