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  1. Just a theoretical "what it" but what if with every copy of Halo 5 there was also a free download for the MCC to try to restore the population? Could be a smart move but I doubt they'll ever just give the MCC away for free
  2. Alrighty gotchu, didn't mean to mess with your thread. I'll delete and be on my way.
  3. Guessing this isn't the right place, thanks for the listen anyways.
  4. xboxdvr.com/Davesterio/2f03ee89-21fc-430f-b21d-57640992d9c1 Got this "clip" (using that word very loosely lol) today. Makes me just love the fact that you can nade powerups/power weapons to distance them from your enemies Halo 1.
  5. Disappointed because I didn't realize I had an H5 beta code sitting in my Xbox messages and it says it was only good from Friday-Sunday.... It's still allowing me to download the beta with it so hopefully I can still get access, but either way I can preload it I guess.
  6. They show you how to do that in the campaign during Truth & Reconciliation (3rd level) Funny how it carries over to multiplayer because there's not really a use for it, or even a use for it in campaign really lol.
  7. Anybody else not getting achievements for beating campaign levels?... Also wasn't getting achievements for the terminals/other misc achievements
  8. With the limitations on theater recording it could possibly be Microsoft wanting people to use the new social features of the XB1 dashboard and have that be (with the follower system) how they want the content dispersed? Would just be nice if we could just have a theater mode and then be able to send those clips through the social features on the XB1 dashboard. Either way Elgato flashback recording is handy but I wish we could fly through the maps.
  9. If anybody has any Doritos or Mountain Dew Advanced Warfare codes and doesn't wanna use them feel free to PM me
  10. If anyone wants to join my clan "Lil B The Based God" and have it on your playercard feel free to join: http://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Detail/558688 I assume most of you will be on Xbox (for the MCC, luckily I also have an XB1) but if I could get 2 more PS4 people to join so I could enable the clan that'd be cool. Besides having something comical on our playercards we could also use it to run raids since I'm ~lvl27 (went down to 26 but to level up raid gear) so I'm always looking for people to run the raid with.
  11. Also on twitch if you're experiencing problems with youtube (I think we should all watch it here so we can make the MCC appear higher up in the Twitch games list) http://www.twitch.tv/ign
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