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  1. Looking for people to run competitive playlist with. GT- Air RiOS
  2. Nothing is worse than the Gears of War, smoke grenade tag, gang bang lmao.
  3. Had fun this past weekend, didn't play too well sunday though. Looking forward to next weekend. #DaddyWasntThere
  4. Yea, DOOM's single player stuck to its older roots so much, I had a FKN blast. The multiplayer is just plagued by super shotguns and combat shotguns sniping you across the map. Or the unreal amount of health and armor pickups where you unleash about 2 clips into someone they run over a health pick up and two shot you with their shotgun. Multiplayer "has" potential but then again what games don't, it's all about these studios making changes.
  5. Halo CE: 9/10 H2: 8/10 H3 8/10 Halo Reach: 7.5/10.......Thought this game was beautiful NBNS, and the grenade launcher ((( H4: -10,000/10 (Yes you read that right, that's a negative 10,000) MCC: 6/10 H5: 7/10
  6. Lets see.... I would rather the hill in Plaza be bigger, small bottom mid hills just do not work, when you can ricochet grenades off of every corner...Truth Flag has just been butchered with the fuel rod and hydra...why the hydra!? Eden Strongholds needs to keep the hill top cat, I like the red bend hill though. Not sure about Empire strongholds yet. But more so i'm confused at the timing of all this. Isn't an online qualifier this saturday? Granted they kept custom maps untouched, but not every team can get on and scrim whenever you want. 343 always seems to do something so randomly out of the blue, and I feel it causes more problems then solution, I won't be playing much MM until this "preview" is gone.
  7. RIOS

    NBA Thread

    Tough to see the Celtics lose Avery Bradley, he's the best on ball, perimeter defender in the league. But the Hawks are nothing special and are still very beatable. Cavs have the automatic bid to the finals, no team in the East can beat a team with LBJ on it 4 out of 7 games. But the West could actually be interesting.
  8. But if you have a pistol and perfect someone with it and they have a br and even though they aren't missing, they die, you don't. My point. It's happened to me and I've done it to others
  9. A perfect from a pistol is slightly ahead of the BR in TTK, i'd personally leave as is. If it happens it happens, but I like the 5 shot pistol, who knows what will happen in the future.
  10. Ok, since you really can't understand what i'm simply saying, the pistol is harder to use, for the tenth time we want a decent skill gap, therefore keep the pistols and keep them at 5 shots. Happy? You keep bringing up contradictory when I said simply why I think the pistol needs to stay as is, stop trying to find something to bicker about, you're not going to change my mind haha.
  11. I would like balancing to the automatic weapons for sure! I think maps should have less weapons located throughout as well. But yes the auto weapons are super strong, needs some tweaking. I'd like to see what more competitive players think, a lot of us don't see the pistol as a utility weapon like you said, the TTK between a pistols five and br four are similar, COMPETITIVE we want SKILL GAPS. And you are correct, if I see a BR I pick it up on the map, but I still think Pistols starts need to stay as is. This isnt H3 where the battle rifle was tougher to perfect, it's much easier now, and I don't think that's what competitive halo needs.
  12. Yes, the aim assist is different, the pistol obviously is less accurate at long distances, the pistol is not too weak, a four shot pistol? Do you really think that would work lmao? Ponder that idea, I can understand that some people struggle hitting 5 shots with a pistol, but there is absolutely no need for a 4sk pistol, and you cant tell me it's easier to five shot someone with a pistol than to four shot someone with a BR
  13. Keep the settings that they have now.... the BR is fine the way it is as a pick up on maps, too easy to use, the pistol has the largest skill gap between them. No point in changing for the BR. And smh to people saying a 4 shot pistol :uncledrew: .
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