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  1. GT: Pocket Tee Customs/MM: Both Region: South Jersey
  2. I'm gaming H3 pretty regularly at the moment but need some people I can run mlg with. Right now I'm a 42 and me matching with randoms is just rank locking me at this point. Anyone of similar skill or better hit me up. Also I'm always looking to get better so if anyone that has an MLG 50 wants to give me some tips/go over gameplay with me let me know too. GT: Whos CruciaL
  3. I'm from south jersey area but I go to college at WCU in West Chester. Add me for H3/H1 customs, playlist, etc.. GT: Whos CruciaL
  4. South Jersey - Marlton GT: Whos CruciaL add me for H3/H1 customs, playlist etc..
  5. I'll play anytime dude, my GT is Whos CruciaL. I'll add you next time im on
  6. I'm normally in MLG trying to grind my way to a 50, but I'll usually play anything ranked. Social or customs are usually what I play when I get a big party together but I mean I'll play pretty much anything.
  7. XBC: WhosCruciaL I'm from South Jersey Add me on XBC. I'm new to H2 but I wanna practice up before mcc. I'm willing to get on whenever because I haven't been able to play too much due to the lack of population on xbc. Just shoot me a message or something.
  8. Was that in the panel video? Where can I see them?
  9. What's up guys, I'm Joe and I'm from south jersey. I was a longtime lurker on most of the halo forums and I finally created an account for Beyond. I usually go by Pockets or my Gamertag Whos CruciaL on xbl. I'm an H3 kid and I'm definitely excited for MCC because I wasn't around to experience the H1/H2 days. I plan on going to tournaments when the game comes out so if you're from the south jersey or even philadelphia area feel free to shoot me a message or add me on xbl. Most of my friends stopped playing Halo with Reach so I need people to play with. I'm gaming H3 right now on a pretty consistent basis, but I have XBC set up so I can hop on H2 also. Yup that's it, glad to be hyped up for Halo again. P.S. We back.
  10. They've surprised us before especially with the MCC, they could surprise us with more control options.
  11. I think it'll be funny when we find out MCC has completely re-mappable controls and this whole argument just goes out the window
  12. Just joined up, hopefully this group gets big enough to have LANs, tourneys, etc..
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