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  1. That makes sense, thanks for your input! I guess I've just been playing too much CS lately and failed to realize the consequences of no regen in a game like Halo.
  2. It obviously won't happen, but what if regenerating health/shields were removed? Then there's an actual consequence for taking damage. Those who abuse sprint and thruster will be punished for running away or to teammates, standoffs become less obnoxious and become discouraged, and automatic weapons become more difficult to use (but can also be more effective when a player has strong positioning). It fixes/improves a lot of issues while providing greater consequences for poor positioning and/or decision making.
  3. How do you get out of CE spawntraps anyway? I understand situations where you and your teammate have an opportunity to 2v1 a player or team kill and hope for a random spawn, but against players who barely even let either if you move it seems like you just have to wait for them to mess up.
  4. I would enjoy it, provided that an objective was introduced and that shields + utility starts are added. With no shields, there are too many random nade kills and it's even easier to spray several players down with 5 bullets from an AR or SMG. It feels like CoD. Additionally, the automatic weaponry + smart scope and flinch makes using the pistol much more difficult and less rewarding, while AR battles become more or less luck because of the headshot multipliers. There also isn't much of a reason to ever push forward without an objective or any power weapons (power weapons wouldn't matter much anyway with the low shield though). If the above issues are rectified I would support it, but if it plays like in the beta then it's just a waste if disc space.
  5. Anybody want to play some Sm4sh later? My NNID is SirEon.
  6. Can we still get a refund? I want this product to work so badly but I feel like that's never going to happen. Honestly, there should be some sort of legal action taken against Microsoft/343i.
  7. I plan to wait a couple weeks and either borrow from a friend or rent/buy a used copy for the campaign. I dislike the multiplayer of the game and will not support 343i with the direction they continue to take the series. Yeah, they're adding toggles and messing around with strafe speed, but so what? Either we have tournaments with their rules (which will likely be closer to vanilla settings) which I strongly disliked, or we have our own tourneys and toggle everything off, separating ourselves from the rest of the community like in Reach. Vote with your wallet folks, they've already screwed up twice.
  8. Yeah, I'm mostly having fun because of the inclusion of the For Glory mode. Melee still had much better mechanics, and Sm4sh plays too similarly to Brawl. Even the menu screens are almost identical >_<
  9. H5 already has ranks, descope, and there will be tourneys. Yet even if sprint is further NERFED, I won't be purchasing it. If they REMOVE it and rework the maps, I probably will. Right now, the maps are terrible because of sprint, and as mentioned by many others, one of the effects of that is the long, drawn out games and passive play styles.
  10. So what if we pretend to live in the US so we can contribute more feedback?
  11. How the heck do you play Breakout? I've lost every game of it, and I can only get kills by out ranging with the BR.
  12. How do you play Eden and Regret? I'm just being team shotted 24/7 and dying everywhere.
  13. Eon XIII Matchmaking (Onyx II if it matters) Canada (EST)
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